We are Generation Earth!

Generation Earth is a colorful network of young people who inspire, motivate, educate and take action for the future of our planet.  We create a space where engaged young people meet to learn about new things, connect with inspiring people and places, and design and implement projects to make the world a better place.

In our Action Leader Training, youth learn skills for a lifetime and have the chance to try out many new things within the environmental and social field! As part of the training, participants transform their ideas and dreams for a better world into action. Plus, we gain much of our inspiration from nature and spend as much time in it as possible.

Generation Earth educates!

Our Action Leader Training, the core of our program, is a 9-month leadership program where youth gain the skills, knowledge and experience needed to implement their own projects in the field of environmental and nature protection. The training program consists of 5 long weekends during the school and university months. Why is it so unique?  Because the participants are fully involved in the design, planning and implementation of the trainings (of course, with WWF’s support)! This means that the training program focuses on the needs of the group and each year is unique!

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Download our Manual for facilitating a WWF Youth Leadership Program!

Permakultur-Workshop mit Bernhard Gruber (c) Generation Earth

Generation Earth is all about ACTION!

The environmental and nature protection projects that Generation Earth members organize are at the core of our program. Most of our projects are initiated and organized by volunteers with WWF support. The projects range from small actions, multi-day events, to larger campaign-like projects.

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Danube Clean-Up (c) Generation Earth

Generation Earth connects! (with Nature and Culture)

We’re not only out to make a difference for the planet, but we’re here to connect to people.  We offer young adults the chance to (re-)connect with nature. For example, at our Action Days, we take people out into nature for a few days – whether to the mountains, along a river, in the forest – we connect the topic at hand with experiencing and connecting to nature!  Also, each summer we organize or participate in at least one international youth exchange with other young motivated youth from around Europe and the world!

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Rafting (c) Moritz Schachner

Generation Earth is youth driven!

This whole thing works according to a “bottom-up” principle.  The direction we go, the topics we learn about, and the actions we take originate from the ideas of the volunteer youth participants and members of Generation Earth. WWF is of course at the table and we work closely with them in selecting the annual theme and our action projects, for example, our Steering Committee (Steuerungsteam). This 8-person team is made up of 4 WWF staff and 4 youth representatives, who are selected by Generation Earth members. The group meets both  face2face and on monthly online calls. It’s responsible for setting the vision and strategy for the group, deciding on the annual theme, and representing us at different meetings and events.

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Steuerungsteam-Meeting (c) Natalie Moser

Generation Earth spreads its seeds!

Like a dandelion spreading its seeds in the wind, Generation Earth is doing the same. After 10 years of gaining experience and developing youth leaders, it has created a world class program, collected lots of lessons learned, and built a community of skilled youth who can spread our methods and concept to others. There is a clear rise in interest in working with and engaging youth around the world, and Generation Earth staff and members are being asked more and more to assist other WWF offices to help them set up and implement their own youth leadership programs. In 2019, 3 Generation Earth members (Isa, Nina, Christian) and Nate developed a “train the program developer/trainer” workshop that lasts 2-4 days. They first piloted it in Portugal in February 2020 with very positive results. It is a new era for Generation Earth to build capacity and grow the network in order to ensure that more and more youth are empowered and capable to lead the change that is needed in the world.

Steuerungsteam-Meeting (c) Natalie Moser

What do we stand for?

Generation Earth…

  • is a colorful network of young people that empowers “active citizens” and takes action for the planet, society, and the wellbeing of others.
  • aims to create a more fair, inclusive and sustainable world.
  • is a network of youth working for/with youth who are motivated to create and fight for a more sustainable world.
  • puts action for nature, environment, and climate protection at the forefront of our work.
  • connects people to nature and people from different background and cultures.
  • works from the “bottom-up.”  Projects are organized and implemented by young volunteer members with the support of WWF.
  • conserves the limited, natural resources we have in the way we work and act.
  • works openly and inclusively:  we do NOT discriminate based on religion, background, origin, sexuality or other reasons.
  • is non-profit oriented:  all funds arise from donations, state, federal, or EU funding.
  • is based largely on the energy, support and ideas of volunteers – from their passion and commitment
  • is independent and not influenced by political parties or companies
  • supports the goals and mission of WWF (Austria).

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