Action Leader Training 2017/18 – First Group – Part 3

Action Leader Training 2017/18 – First Group – Part 3

18 – 21 January 2018 – Sparbach

Finally, the long awaited next part of the training is here and we travelled from all over Austria to the small but nice hut in Sparbach. The location was perfectly chosen and as soon as everyone got there we felt the comfort of being at home again. So now that we were back and „in the training mode“ the weekend could begin. It started with a little introduction into the mysterious world of marketing, together with Natalie. Fascinating really, how important the right wording and editing can be, especially when it comes to expressing relevant terms, the branding and so on. All these tips and tricks certainly will come in handy for our projects.

Have you ever wondered what Facebook knows about you? The training team certainly did. To answer this and many other questions about Facebook and social media in general we invited the super talented Selin. First Selin gave us a brief but very interesting insight into the world of Facebook and data collection and told us how we can use this knowledge to spread our messages and how to get in a dialog with people outside our “green bubble”. It was a very cool and super informative workshop which lead us to funny and also a bit scary discussions about the power of social media. But mostly it helped us to understand that we can play an active part in how information is spread via Facebook. We completed the day with an insight into a small business where big and brave decisions where made: Refished. A business set up by the young Tirolean Sissi who, while traveling the world, decided to set up a fair fashion brand by using old packaging material from Cambodia. This inspiring story gave us all a lot of encouragement for implementing our own ideas and projects. But it also brought us back to our main topic of this year’s Generation Earth Action Leader Training “sustainable consumption”. As the fashion industry is the second biggest polluting industry on earth, after the oil industry, the topic made us quite emotional and frustrated. But happily we managed not to finish our day with negative feelings, but with supporting each other to change our own consumption. Which brought us to the next step of the training…

Have you ever felt that the communication in agroup has not been the best and there is a conflict that has to be solved peacefully? We certainly had these moments, none too intense ones though, but they were present, and we were curious what methods we can use in order to manage them. Quick and vital decisions can be a challange, as Nate showed us in an experimental role-play, in which we had to deal with a sinking ship and the question who has to sacrifice themselves so that rest can survive. The outcome was fierce; we were drowning in arguments, but also used logical methods of democracy and pure chance to make it into the lifeboats. After this experience the more chilled approach to make decisions based on the sociocratic strategy was more than welcome, but by no means easier. We took our time, and as far as the majority was concerned, we were fine with the result. But what we still missed was a way to communicate with each other without verbal violence and misunderstandings. Christian showed us exactly how to manage the right language, by understanding and talking about what your basic needs are and what emotions are behind it. It was amazing, how quiet, friendly and prosperous the worst topics can get, if you give the intents of your guts the right amount of time to be expressed.

Like all of the training sessions this one felt very short, and with the wink of an eye we had to wish a goodbye to the little hut in Sparbach. Our time together passed by so fast, too fast for our taste. Perhaps it had something to do with our projects, the pressure and joy of making them our reality. In times like these the importance of time shines through our souls like the sun through the winter clouds. We were thankful for the thoughts, the leisure, the calm moments, that we had and no second seemed to be wasted. And what is more sustainable then well invested time? Thank you Generation Earth, farewell, until we meet again!

The Training Team
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Enjoying a great workshop
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