Action Leader Training 2017/18 – First Group – Part 4

Action Leader Training 2017/18 – First Group – Part 4

15 – 18 March 2018 – Rannahof

Renewable energy, work-life balance, rhetoric and evaluation – a colourful mix of topics for a perfect 4th training in the Mühlviertel.

Last weekend our Generation Earth crew made themselves comfortable in the Rannahof in the beautiful Mühlviertel for 4 days. We learned more about sustainability in the energy sector, personality development and project management. The best way to get started on this complex energy topic was a visit to the Ziegler family in Freistadt, who gave us a tour of their biogas plant. The impressions we got there were very interesting and gave us an insight into the challenges we are facing in Austria in the use of renewable energy and which solutions already exist. With Karl Schellmann from the WWF we were allowed to go even deeper into the topic and ask him all our burning questions in a relaxed atmosphere.

Besides this thematic input we also got the opportunity to deal with ourselves and our action projects in the form of a rhetoric workshop by Christian. Through tasks such as explaining our project in just 30 seconds, we learned to filter out its essential points and still be calm and safe with the help of techniques. With a lecture by Lina about evaluation we were allowed to get even deeper into the project work. Burns rounded off the workshop input perfectly with his work-life balance lecture in which he reminded us how important the right connection between all our areas of life is to be and remain happy and full of joy. Despite all the workshops we still found enough time to laugh together, spend time in nature and just be together. All in all a perfect Generation Earth weekend!

Outdoors in all weathers!
A mystic walk under the rainbow
Visiting the Zieglers
A true animal lover!
Enjoying the sunset.

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