Action Leader Training 2017/18 – First Group – Part 5

Action Leader Training 2017/18 – First Group – Part 5

17 – 20 May 2018 – Mutters, Tyrol

Our group’s last Action Leader Training. The last eager travel, followed by the last arrival: warm faces and motivation no matter where you look. Mutters which is located next to Innsbruck is the place that our planning team has chosen for finishing the first part of our Generation Earth journey.

One of the main program aspects of this weekend was being politically active. How can we use the tools that we got through the Action Leader Training to get active for nature, even though the training is over? Concerning that, the necessary background information was delivered by Lukas Wachter, a politician working for the local green party. Him being a jurist he introduced us to how and where laws originate, which stakeholders are part of this process and who is to address if one has doubts or objections.

Fitting to that Taja Ferjančič Lakota, a subject specialist working for the Alpine Convention explained us how these processes look like on an international Level. The Alpine Convention is an agreement, signed by the alpine countries, that enforces the protection and the sustainable development of the Alps. Very interesting on the one hand, but frustrating on the other. These international processes take time, time that nature in many cases doesn’t have.

We had room for discussions during two Generation Earth workshops: rhetorical skills/storytelling delivered by another Generation Earth member who finished the Action Leader Training years ago, and a group debate about (un)sustainable tourism.

At an Action Leader Training the connection to nature shall not be missing. This we could do during a hike, discovering the area of Mutters. Johannes Rüdisser, an ecologist, guided our tour and at the same time taught us about the concept of ecosystem services. Those are far more important than one might think. From clean water to not having the hill next to your village collapse on your house, we profit from the soil, the trees, the bees, in short: from almost everything that surrounds us.

Since this was our last training, we reflected on the last months and our Action Leader Training experiences. What have we learned? What will we take with us? Is it really over? Even though the future, our future as a group, might seem unpredictable, we all feel that this was not the end. It’s the beginning of a new chapter, and we know we couldn’t be prepared better.

The training ends, let's start a new chapter!
Happy people!
Guided tour to the topic of ecosystem services.
Enjoying the last part of our Action Leader Training.

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