Action Leader Training 2017/18 – Second Group – Part 2

Action Leader Training 2017/18 – Second Group – Part 2

9.12. December 2017, St. Oswald near Freistadt

Finally we are back again! Our Action Leader Training goes into the next round. This time we meet in Upper Austria near Freistadt in a youth hostel of the Nature Friends.

The focus lies on identifying topics for our future projects. This training will be especially exciting, not only because it is the beginning of our Action Projects, but also because for the first time two of our group members organized the whole training with the support of their Buddy-Gearth Max. Medias in Res we start with a workshop on project management. Wrapped up in blankets and equipped with plenty of tea, we listened eagerly to the lecture, which was supposed to lay the foundation for our future projects. Together we examine the following: What do you need to start a project? What is a project, anyway? And what can I achieve with my project? Using “Dragon Dreaming”, a really descriptive and practical way of implementing project management, we were able to understand the individual phases of a project. Thank goodness all the questions could be answered. After the intensive discussion we let the evening end in a cosy and warm common room with some funny games.

On the following day we all spread out in nature alone to think about which themes are burning in us the most. The young activist Valentin tells us his story about political action, sheds light on the legal aspects of a demonstration and the general possibilities for becoming politically active. In the discussion round, he wants to know what motivated us to change our behaviour to live more ecologically consciously. In order to process the many new impressions of the two days, we try to do something creative and create an advent wreath matching the season. Surprised how well he succeeded, the first two candles are lit immediately. A few still have energy to go out into the beautiful winter wonderland, because what could be nicer than romping around in the snow?

To ensure that we don’t just spend time in our idyllic youth hostel and get to know the surroundings, we travel to Freistadt together. A member of the UBV Environmental Association Freistadt is waiting for us there, who is working on the implementation of sustainable and ecological projects in Freistadt and the surrounding area. We were introduced to the Mühlferdl, the E-Car Sharing project, in which an electric car is made available for leasing in 12 municipalities. In the afternoon a lecture by Gudrun, an expert on upcycling and self-made products, is waiting for us. Clothes sewn together by her and the recipe for the production of toothpaste awaken great interest in us.

Our second Action Leader Training ends with an exciting and interactive lecture on the ecological limits of our planet. WWF expert Georg Scattolin uses the Living Planet Report 2016 to explain the current status of our Earth. In the end, he recommended us to think about how to raise the enthusiasm for nature and biodiversity in the people around us.

Elli keeping us warm
Our brand new self made talking stick!
Exploring Freistadt
Advent wreath crafting

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