Action Leader Training 2017/18 – Second Group – Part 4

Action Leader Training 2017/18 – Second Group – Part 4

28 April – 1 May 2018 – Sparbach

After talking about the problems and effects of our consumer behaviour on the climate at our last meeting in the winterly Stift Göttweig, the fourth training takes us to Sparbach in the idyllic Vienese woods. We start the weekend ambitiously with a strategy game in which we demonstrate our skills in sustainable fishing. Not an easy task if you don’t work together. Based on this, Ulrich tells us more about alternative economic systems and corporate social responsibility and finally we take a closer look at the green washing problem.

Moritz shows us how important and helpful rhetoric, the art of speaking, is. Good body language and a clear, distinct voice are at least as important as the actual content of a speech. For many of us the visit to the town of Aspern is a highlight of the weekend. There we can experience the concept of a future-oriented, technologically advanced, efficient, ecological and social city. The Blün company, which combines a fish farming with vegetables production in a creative way, shows us how a circular economy can work. Last but not least, Lena from the ÖH explains the advantages of non-violent communication. By means of practical exercises we understand how to the right tone and the right way of expression. With a little melancholy we notice that our Action Leader Training is slowly coming to an end.

Great group! Great weekend!
Exkursion to Aspern
Blün's greenhouse
Workshop time: non-violent communication

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