Action Leader Training 2017/18 – Second Group – Part 5

Action Leader Training 2017/18 – Second Group – Part 5

7 – 10 June 2018 – Almtal

“Off to the Wilderness” was the motto of our fifth and last Action Leader Training.

On the one hand, we used the warm weather to camp and spend the nights outdoors – under tarps. On the other hand, we spent a whole day on the topic of nature and wilderness. Together with Tom Schwarz from the Almtal Wilderness School we dealt with the topic of closeness to nature. The fact that small changes in paying attention can have a big impact was quite impressive for us.

Afterwards, we learned to build weatherproof lodgings in the forest and before it got really cold in the evening we learned to start a fire. After a demonstration, one participant even managed to do this with a “bowdrill”, a simple construction made of wood and string.

Another exciting topic of the Action Leader Training was the impact of nutrition on the environment. We critically thought through the process from field cultivation, processing and distribution. It was also important for us to think through solutions to the many problems.

Between the intensive inputs we appreciated the possibility to jump into the crystal clear, cold river Alm! We were able to discuss with an expert from the Climate Alliance a topic that many of us have been dealing with for a long time, namely which personal lifestyle changes are actually most influential for environmental and climate protection.

As we believe that effective environmental protection always takes social aspects into account, we also dealed with intercultural understanding and decision-making processes in groups during the training. Various exercises helped us to think about privileges and discrimination and to train our empathy. Getting to know sociocracy by means of a practical example rounded off the content of the training.

Although this was the fifth and last Action Leader Training and our training is complete, we all agree: this is only a start. A start of a strong group, a start for many other projects and a start to inspire more and more young people to get active for our environment!

Learning how to make fire without lighter
Evenings at the fireplace
The refreshing Alm river
Happy training group

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