Action Leader Training 2018/19 – First Group – Part 1

Action Leader Training 2018/19 – First Group – Part 1

26 – 30 September 2018 – LebensGut Miteinander, Rohrbach/Gölsen

The waiting finally came to an end. Although it was long, it was really worth it. We met on Wednesday (26 October 2018) at the “LebensGut Miteinander”, where we were allowed to spend the next few days. Although all of us were very nervous, we were at least equally excited to see what the future has to hold.

We got to know each other better by getting into serious conversations right from the start. We talked, discussed and told stories about our lives. Through “energizers” and team building games we grew closer and closer together and slowly became one.

During the weekend, we got to learn more about WWF, Generation Earth and their partner organizations. Every day we met a new organization ranging from Zero Waste Austria, to Oikos, Lieber Ohne and AIESEC.

At the beginning, we discussed and formed our own group norms and quickly realized that we are all unique beings and that we have different opinions on some topics. So, which goal unites us? Our passion to fight for environmental rights and to save our planet. After several discussions, we finally came to a conclusion that everyone felt comfortable with.

The next few days we attended several workshops on group dynamics and leadership. Our days consisted of a good alteration between group activities, discussions in smaller groups and solo time, where we got to spend the time completely by ourselves digesting what happened all day.

On the third day, we spent the day talking about this year’s topic: Plastic. We thought about which focus we wanted to set. We met Marlene and she told us about her life without plastic, which her mother introduced when Marlene was a child. She told us about all the difficulties and alternatives that she got to know during the past couple of years.

In the afternoon, we learned more about the community of “LebensGut Miteinander” and helped out in the garden: Some of us harvested potatoes, others helped in the cosmetics store and the third group collected soil samples.

We ended our last evening with a candle-walk and subsequently made a campfire. It was a wonderful experience to walk through the dark forest, that was lit with candle lights. It wasn’t as scary and creepy as expected. On the contrary: it was calming and gave us the feeling of safety.

Way faster than all of us wanted, the last day came and we had to say goodbye. Before our last group hug we gave each other a stone with a motivational/loving sentence on it. It’s supposed to give us energy, when we need it.

It was amazing to see how we came together as strangers, but left each other as an united group. Most of us have looked for people who had the same mindset and actively fight for a better environment. Here we were able to find those people! The anticipation to meet each other again is growing by the hour, and from day to day. We are extremely excited for the next training and are curious to see what’s in front of us.

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