Climate Walk 2021: Let’s Walk!

Climate Walk 2021: Let’s Walk!


During the Action Leader training, participants gain valuable experience in project design and management. With the development and implementation of their own “Action Project” (alone or in a team), the theoretically learned knowledge is put into practice. The “Climate Walk” is a great example of such a project.


This was the motto of the Climate Walk, which took place from 18 – 19 June 2021 in the Donau-Auen National Park. It was organized by participants of the Action Leader Training 2020/2021 and one thing we can tell you – it was a complete success!

“With this project we want to support people to get active, raise their awareness about biodiversity loss, recognize the benefits of walking, spread the word about the importance of protected areas and most importantly: create deep connections!” said the organizers of the Climate Walk Donau-Auen.


Did you know? The Climate Walk Donau-Auen is just one part of the international project called “Climate Walk – Geh’ ma Austria”, which is supported by Generation Earth within the EU project “Eat4Change”. Starting in July 2021, participants will walk from west to east of Austria within two months, covering a variety of landscapes, cultural and social habits in Austria. In doing so, they will trace the perceptions and experiences of people in rural mountain regions, the foothills of the Alps, to the flat and more densely populated regions of Vienna. You too can be part of this adventure!

All information about the route and registration can be found here:

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