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Nice to e-meet you! We are a colorful and motivated team of young “digital natives”. Within our team we have different roles and responsibilities.

Since we are a team of volunteers, an important point of our work is the coordination and organization of the different tasks. Therefore all members bring a high degree of self-responsibility and self-organisation to the team. Take a look down below and find out more about our team members!


Lia has German-Greek roots and is studying political science for her bachelor’s degree. Through her studies she has specialized in sustainable development. Besides, she is committed to sustainability and wants to contribute to climate protection and a sustainable turnaround in the economy, which is why she has also become active in Generation Earth. For her, environmental protection is a general responsibility, which we have to give back to the earth, because it keeps us alive.


Content Management

I am Roman, 20 years old and a passionate nature lover. For this reason I am also studying Environmental & Bio-Resource Management at BOKU, where I met many like-minded people who inspire and drive me forward at all times. In my free time I spend a lot of time with hiking, bouldering and slacklining, the main thing is to be outside! My biggest interest is nature conservation, I grew up with hiking & Co. and over time I got lost in the complex processes of nature and can’t imagine to get off this path. I am strongly convinced that our generation is initiating a long awaited change and to drive this forward I am part of Generation Earth.


Content Research

Part of my responsibilities as a member of the „content creator team“ is the capturing of complex relevant topics on simple but eye-catching graphics and their visualization in an entertaining manner; a challenge I accept with pleasure. Working with Generation Earth gives my creativity a meaningful outlet and allows me to be a part of a group of motivated people, who, due to their great engagement, already made the world a slightly better place.


Content Creator

Hello everybody! My name is Jenny and I support the Digital Team as a publisher. After I finished my Master in Environmental and Bioresource Management with focus on climate at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, my path led me to the WWF. In the course of my tasks as Communication Manager at Generation Earth I am also the interface between the WWF and Generation Earth. Privately I love to be out in nature and spend time with my loved ones (especially my dog).


Content Publisher

Hello, I’m Valentin. My goal is to spread the message of Generation Earth as far as possible via social media and try to use the social media algorithms in the best possible way with the help of data, insights and research.


Content Management

During my master studies in marine biology and environmental protection I had the opportunity to get to know many different corners of the earth. This allowed me to see the direct effects of climate change worldwide, but also to learn about the many measures, methods and ideas that are being used to counteract it. Generation Earth is the right place to exchange ideas with other young people about environmental protection and sustainability and to bring in your own ideas. Together we can contribute to a more sustainable future and change the world for the better.


Content Research

Hey, my name is Veronika and I’m a member of the Digital Team as a writer and therefore jointly responsible for all the creative texts 😉 In 2019 I finished my Master in Energy and Environmental Management and am currently working on a project about renewable energy sources at the University of Klagenfurt. So now, after 8 years in Vienna, I’m back to my Carinthian roots and I’m outdoors as much as possible, although I’m really good at lazing around. This also coincides with my great weakness: getting up early! So better never expect a feedback from me before 9 am.


Content Writer

Hi, I’m Burns, Writer with Digital Team 😀 At Generation Earth I’m not only known as a distributor of warm hugs, but also for my storytelling. I have a weakness for well-written lyrics, encounters with Mother Nature and all kinds of Earth people, and fun facts: Did you know that swifts fly practically non-stop for 500,000 kilometres every year?


Content Writer

Besides my studies of political science I am an enthusiastic creative person and love to pack messages in pictures and video. I believe that you can do a lot for the environment digitally and I am happy to be part of the Generation Earth Team!


Content Creator


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