Generation Earth gets political!

Generation Earth gets political!

23 – 24 March 2018 – WWF Office, Vienna

Generation Earth gets political!

That is the intention we made at the beginning of the year during the think tank. We want to give young people the opportunity to make a political commitment to the environment. Structured dialogue, an event with political discourse was the first idea.

We realized very soon that we want to learn a lot about this topic before we go in this direction. So the idea came up to create a workshop for Generation Earth, which gives us input on political activism. We wanted to invite experts who inspire and inform us. No sooner said than done!

20 interested participants and 7 experts = a productive weekend.

Volker Hollenstein and Irene Lucius
from WWF give us an understanding of the current political campaign work and the strategic reasoning behind it.

Julian Schmid from the Green Party talks about his career up to the National Council, his commitment as early as in his school days and great inspiring stories about his experiences in politics.

Susanne Brandstetter from the Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism inspires with her passion for water. Her commitment and work around respectful use of water is inspiring and motivating.

Alec Hager gives us a look into the bicycle lobby and his activism on the subject of mobility. A joint power mapping for project planning gives us initial ideas for the strategic conception of a political campaign.

Katharina Kucharowits of the SPÖ and former member of the National Council explains to us that it is worth standing up for a heart topic and we should use the common interest of Generation Earth to become politically active.  She advises us to simply contact politicians at the respective levels for our concerns.

Erich Ober shares his exciting insights into the preparatory work for the Austrian EU Council Presidency with us. He tells us how to approach applications and what possibilities we have to be heard.


Network, keep it going and stand up for your heart’s topic! That was the big message of this workshop. We also got tools, tips and tricks. We are super happy about the success. Further projects will follow…


Stay tuned!

Selfie time :D!
The motivated crew
A lot to learn!
Our WWF Experts

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