Herbs Tour

Herbs Tour

by Anna Kofler

On Friday the 8th of September the first event of our Project „Experience Vienna. With all senses.” took place. Heike and me started it with Jean from Interface and 13 participants. My colleagues Heike, Jessi, Yusuf, Georg and I want to focus with our project “Wien erleben. Mit allen Sinnen” on different environmental topics like botany, agriculture and upcycling. During the events in Vienna and its surroundings the students get to know new aspects of the city and the German language.

The first of our six events was a herbs tour. Valerie Jarolim guided us and gave us support with her knowledge about wild herbs. We started at the metro station Donaustadtbrücke. Malve, Wegwarte und Schafgarbe were collected and we learned about their taste, smell… we used all senses. At the end we had a fantastic wild herbs pick-nick. Vienna offers a lot, you just need to know the right spots to find the best herbs you can get for free or just enjoy the beauty of nature!

I want to say thank you to Valerie Jarolim and our cooperation partner Interface. Valerie did a great job, she prepared a whole tour for us, we recognized that she has such passion for her work, that’s great to watch. Just take a look at her Facebook page or Instagram account, it’s definitely worth it!

Thanks to Jean Gatsinzi from Interface for his support and trust. The team is glad how motivated and excited the participants are, we are looking forward to the upcoming events!

Collecting herbs with Valerie.
Our group
Experience Vienna. With all senses. - the project team

About the author

I took part in the Generation Earth Action Leader Training 2016/17. It was very informative and I had a lot of fun. I met so many great, committed people and enjoyed the informal atmosphere. At the moment four colleagues and I are working on our project “Experience Vienna. With all senses.” which deals with sustainable consumption. My studies at BOKU focus on different topics of ecology. The work on our project allows me to apply my knowledge in practice.


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