Ideenschmiede 2019: Our projects

Ideenschmiede 2019: Our projects

Ideenschmiede 2019: These are our projects!

We are looking for motivated people, who want to get active with us on the topic of “plastic and addressing the consumption-based society”. We are excited to share with you our 16 project ideas, which we gathered at this years Ideenschmiede!

Get active!

If you are interested in joining a group, check out the application form here. Make sure to tell us, which group you are interested in joining. We are looking forward to have you on board!

Take a look at our projects:

  • Earth Hour 2019:
    The Earth Hour is the biggest symbolic climate campaign in the world in which millions of people show climate action by turning down their lights between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m on 30 March 2019. Therefore, on the evening of Earth Hour we want to organise a special event for young people to participate. Find more about the Earth Hour here.
  • Podcast
    As podcasts are a great medium for young audience, we want to start or own podcast on the topic of youth empowerment.
  • Divestment seminars
    The seminars should focus on reinvesting money in pro-environmental ventures, away from negative investments.
  • Riverwalk 2019
    As last years Riverwalk was a huge success and a lot of fun, we will be back this year with various acitivites, workshops and other super cool stuff. Find out everything about the Riverwalk 2018 here.
  • Workcamp
    We will focus on workshops and working on sustainability projects in Germany (near Leipzig).
  • Art4Change
    Art4Change will explore the overlap of using art for activism, focusing on film but also other forms of expression as well as the topic plastic in the Danube.
  • Words of Plastic
    We are organising a contest for youth to express themselves through writing, focused on plastic.
  • Footprint workshops
    “Training the trainer” for offering workshops and activities on the topic of Ecological footprint. Mainly focusing on targeting Generation Earth members.
  • Connect2Nature Workshop
    We want to achieve a deeper connection to ourselves and nature with a focus on plastic and how it impacts us.
  • Environmental Meeting Linz
    Implementing a “Regulars table” in Linz for Upper Austria and west of Vienna with the aim to create projects.
  • Panel discussion
    We want to start planning and organising a panel discussion about multidimensional effects of plastic on our lives.
  • Make-up – for what?
    Microplastics in cosmetics is a real thing. We want to start a project focussing on green alternatives.
  • Plastic alternatives – a first step
    There are two school workshops planned. One to inform children about plastic (-waste) and the other to create their own sustainable alternative for one plastic product in their daily life.
  • Plastic stop workshop
    workshops for primary and high school kids about the problems the world is facing because of plastic waste today and why plastic consumption should be reduced/replaced.

In progress:

These two project ideas are still developing:

  • Cleanup
  • Political Action team
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