Faces of Generation Earth

“We are a colorful network of young people…” That’s how our mission statement starts and yes, that’s who we are! Since our founding back in 2010 we’ve brought together hundreds of young people from different backgrounds, different perspectives and different goals, but one thing connects us all – our passion for the earth and our desire to get active!

I joined the group in 2015 and was instantly impressed by all the cool activities Generation Earth was doing. Now, I am happy to be able to contribute my ideas!


Steering Committee member 2015-2017

I joined Generation Earth with the expection of getting support and knowledge to start implementing my own projects. I did get that, but I also found myself surrounded by inspiring, wonderful people, by another family.


Generation Earth gives young people the opportunity to really get practical knowledge and motivation for creating a good way of living together. The colorful network of like-minded people empowers us to make our world a little bit better.


Ever since I was a child I felt this strong drive to get active for our planet, but never actually found an opportunity to do so. In 2010, for the first time, I met a bunch of amazing and powerful people who were my age and understood exactly how I felt. This is why we started this movement. As a co-founder of Generation Earth I can say that it is not just another youth group. Generation Earth is a feeling. It is this feeling of being seen as an individual and being supported in fulfilling one’s very personal dreams. It’s like a family.


Founding member

I enjoy planning and implementing projects with other dedicated, young people. Generation Earth provides the perfect platform for that.


Steering Committee member 2015-2017

With Generation Earth I finally found a motivated, young group of great minds in which my ideas and dreams for a better world find an echo.


To me it’s important that more young people get active for our environment. Only by working together, can we can stop the destruction of our planet.


I have been a part of Generation Earth since 2011 and was completely blown away by the power inside the group from the very first moment.

It’s great for me to be a part of an organization where I can be participant and organizer at the same time.

The sense of teamwork with such great and inspiring people is something I will forever cherish.


Get together, get inspired, get active! Young people can change things!

That’s what I´ve learned from Generation Earth!


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