Parkour Training

Parkour Training

by Heike Thöricht

After our first triple series “Experience Vienna. With all senses.” with the Interface Jugendcollege, the second triple series started with the Interface Jugendbildungswerkstatt on 6th October. The common goal of our series is the sensitization of environmental topics. The start of the second series was a parkour training session with Kathi Prager of Parcour-Vienna. Jessi and I were with nine students and Greta, the supervisor of Interface, in the Türkenschanzpark for our parkour workshop.

At the beginning we played some games to get to know each other. Then Kathi joined us and explained the basic principles of parkour: Respect for yourself, for others and for the environment. Even if you want to try new moves, you have to take care of yourself and your health. You show others respect and don’t laugh at others, if something goes wrong. Instead, you help them and maybe give them some advice. And if you do parkour outdoors, you make sure not to destroy anything and not to leave traces as far as possible. Then, the actual training began. After warming up, we started with different jumps, an essential component of the parkour sport. We learned how to land on our feet after a jump without getting injured. We tried the “step through”, and saw that the move “lazy” is not really lazy in reality and then we moved like a cat. Afterwards, we ate selfmade snacks and apples.

Thank you so much to Kathi, who led us so competently, safely and friendly in the parkour workshop! Information about spots in Vienna and the Sunday forum meetings are available on!

We are looking forward to our next meeting on waste separation with the students from Interface on 13th October!

Happy faces after the training.
Kathi gives us instructions.
the "cat" move

About the author

I participated in the Action Leader Training of Generation Earth 2016/2017. It was exciting to discuss actively the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as well as to get to know other like-minded people, whose heart also beats for nature conservation. In the training context four colleagues and I are currently working on the project “Experience Vienna. With all senses.” This experience is so enriching that I am very much attracted to work professionally in a field connecting society and nature.


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