Action Leader Training 2022-2023

Action Leader Training 2022-2023


We stand in solidarity – together, we can take on great challenges and make the best of the situation!

At Generation Earth, we believe that no matter what life throws at you, together, we can offer people a safe place to connect, get empowered, and become the change they want to see in the world!

How? This is the core of our Action Leader Training. As a participant you will be part of an intense group experience where you will connect with other motivated young people, make deep connections, and learn skills for a lifetime.

We live in a world of change! So let’s change it together – for a better world! Together, with a close group of your peers and the involvement of inspirational people, experts and activists, we’re going to explore the following topics in this year’s Action Leader Training: how does food impact our climate and society; how can each and every one of us “be (part of) the change” that we want to see in the world, together!


The Action Leader Training is all about supporting, training and developing an international network of motivated and engaged youth who are capable of driving change by developing and implementing projects in teams or on their own – in their backyards, regions, and beyond! Our long-term vision is a society of active citizens, where people who have participated in our training are making a difference in politics, education, business, and beyond and are carrying the motivation and positive experiences from Generation Earth with them.


  • Food & Climate
  • Leadership & Political Engagement
  • Project management
  • Solidarity and community building
  • Strategies to drive behavior change
  • Exchange with other European and global youth initiatives


  • 10-month training program on 5 weekends
  • September 2022 – July 2023
  • EARLY BIRD PRICE: 250€ until June 30; after 300€
  • Unique locations in Austria (accessible with public transportation)
  • Theoretical knowledge put into practice
  • Community-based experience


Our ten-month training is for young people between the ages of 15 and 25 who want to become active for the environment. Want to know the SECRET to our program? We use a unique “bottom-up” approach. This means, the training program is developed together with you and the other participants and is tailored specifically to the groups’ interests and needs. Then, together with other participants, you will help to plan and organize one of the training weekends!

During the training, you’ll not only gather knowledge, skills and motivation, but also be asked to turn your dream into a reality (regardless, of how big or small it might be). Generation Earth offers you a “safe space,” and supportive people, where you will not only gather needed experience, but also make a difference, now and in the future.


Especially now, it’s very easy to feel hopeless. You may ask yourself “Does it really matter?” At Generation Earth, we know: This crisis is urgent, but it’s never too late. Everyone can make a difference. No matter your background, experience, gender or age.


In the Action Leader Training, we not only talk about issues and problems, but we also go one step further and develop solutions and projects that get people to change their behavior and make the world a better place. This is your chance to bring your idea to life and start your own project.


You would like to find a diverse and active group with whom you can exchange ideas, problems, challenges and all that life brings with you? Generation Earth is a community of open and good-hearted people who pursue a common goal: The protection of our planet and diversity.

READY TO CHANGE THE WORLD.. and your life?


  • You are not 100% sure if the Action Leader Training is something for you? Come to our non-binding get-to-know-you evening! We will answer all your questions and you will have the opportunity to meet other Generation Earth members. All details see below.
  • Are you ready to apply? Great! Please use the form down below. We are looking forward to your application. The Kick-Off meeting from 21.-25.9.2022 is mandatory for all participants.
  • As a participant you and a team of peers will plan and organise a project and design one of the training weekends.
  • Some of the training dates also fall on school days; however, as this can be considered “continuing education”, you can apply for school exemption. We will gladly provide you with the necessary letter.
  • The reduced €250 participant fee is possible if you apply by June 30 2022 (EARLY BIRD PRICE). After June 30 2022 the participant fee will be increased to €300. The final application deadline is August 31 2022. The fee covers accommodation, board and activities of the training program and can be paid in full or in 2 payments (at the beginning and middle). We want to be sure that money does not stand in your way of participating in the training. Please note: The participation fee should not stand in your way of participating in the training. If for any reason, covering the fee is a challenge for you, please contact us under We’ll find a solution that works for you. If the training cannot take place for certain reasons, the full participation fee will be refunded.

COVID-19 & Action Leader Training?

How will the pandemic affect the Action Leader Training? Of course we don’t know exactly, but you can be sure that the Action Leader Training will take place. The last 2 years, we have offered a “blended learning” experience with a mix of online and offline program. It’s different, but we’ve found that it still creates a powerful, life-changing and enriching experience for all.

We have formulated the following possible scenarios to be well prepared:

  • Scenario A: No restrictions – the training can take place as usual!
  • Scenario B: The group size will be reduced (e.g. to a maximum of 10 people), no overnight stays are possible, hygiene and safety measures must be adhered to
  • Scenario C: Online: the training must be held virtually. If this is the case, the participation fee will be reduced accordingly.
  • Scenario D: a mixture of the above options!

We hope that Scenario A will be possible, but “D,” a mix of the above scenarios has also proven effective. Of course we will adhere to the health and safety guidelines of the Austrian Federal Government. If you register, you will be informed in time and in detail about the next steps.

I would like to apply for the Action Leader Training: Apply until 30.6.2022 by using the form down below.


Deadline EARLY BIRD PRICE: 30.6.2022

Final Deadline: 31.8.2022

I am aware that photographic and video material will be taken during the training and will be available for further use by WWF/Generation Earth for online and print.

* Required

I would like to participate at the Generation Earth Infoevent. Details coming soon!


We proudly present our partners for this year’s Action Leader Training.

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