Adios plastic! – from bottle to lunchbox

Adios plastic! – from bottle to lunchbox

Adios plastic!

When working on the topic of plastic reduction we should start by educating the youngest members of our society. That’s why we plan two workshops in schools.


  • 2 school workshops (at the interval of one week)
  • 1st Workshop: the children get an insight into the topic plastic and they should learn to question their plastic consumption.
  • Homework until the next workshop: collect plastic from daily life and bring it to the second workshop.
  • 2nd workshop: to reflect on the experiences and the collections of the children together and to develop alternatives. Every child should make an alternative by themselves (paint cotton bag) and take it home.


Why? What is the goal?

Twenty children aged 6-10 in a (mixed primary school class) should become aware of their daily plastic consumption and replace at least one disposable plastic product with a sustainable reusable alternative.


How did it went?

Serious topic – great atmosphere!

The project is over and we can say: It was great! From the beginning, the children were very motivated about the topic and brought in a lot of ideas about plastic avoidance. And you know what the best thing was? The children really knew a lot about waste avoidance and alternatives. That made us very positive and gives us hope for the future. By the way, many beautiful works of art were created from plastic waste and beautiful fabric bags as an alternative to plastic bags!

In the not too distant future, more school workshops are planned, also in other age groups!

Any questions? We are looking forward to your message!

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Project planning member

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This project is supported by the Mutter Erde cooperation!

This project is supported by the Mutter Erde cooperation!

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