BiodiverCity – Bring the Garden to the People

BiodiverCity – Bring the Garden to the People


You live in the city but want to have access and learn more about planting your own urban jungle? Then this is the project for you!

We want to raise awareness on biodiversity loss and show people how they can implement biodiversity in their daily (urban) lives.

What awaits you:

  • 10-14 days lasting tour through viennese districts with our movable plant oasis (cargo bike/cart)
  • 5 on-site workshops, one at each location, including:
    • permaculture: How to implement permaculture in your daily urban lifes
    • domestic landscaping
    • how to build an insect hotel

How can you take part?

We would be happy if you could participate in one of our workshops or just visit our plant oasis at one of the 5 locations. Please find registration down below. More detailed information on these locations will follow.

We would also be happy about every assistance with bulding up our mobile garden or the watering of the plants. We are still looking for easily movable seating accommodations and plants for the mobile. We would be happy about every donation. If you are interested in helping us, please write to or 

Overview workshops:

Workshop 1: mid-July 2021, topic: permaculture in urban areas – Permakultur-Akademie im Alpenraum
Workshop 2: mid-July 2021, topic: insect hotel construction – Julia Ballasch
Workshop 3: Mid-July 2021, Focus: Vertical Gardening in the City – Veronika Wrbka from Herbios
Workshop 4: Mid-July 2021, Focus: Exploring urban biodiversity – Daniela Lehner from Austrian Butterfly Conservation

More details fill follow soon!

Register for the workshops down below!


IMPORTANT: The exact dates will be added asap. The deadline will be 1 week before each workshop.
Maximum number of people for each workshop: 15 people

You can participate in how many workshops you like. Please just let us know which one you want to particpate in.

Which workshops do you want to attend?* You can select multiple by pressing "shift"

I am aware that photographic and video material will be taken during the event and will be available for further use by WWF/Generation Earth for online and print.

With my registration I confirm that all information mentioned above is true.

* Required

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