Climate Walk: Donauauen

Climate Walk: Donauauen


Ever heard of a Climate Walk? No? Well then it is about time! We are inviting you to join us on a two-day-walk in the national park Donauauen. During that weekend we will do various workshops (herbal workshop, silent walk, sound walk, ranger) as well as record and publish different materials from the Walk via TV and various social media channels.

Here is how you can join:

Date of the walk: 18.-19.06.2021

Registration: If you want to participate, simply contact us via email and we will let you know if there is a place available for you!


Our aim is for people to get active, raise awareness for the topic of biodiversity loss, show the benefits of walking (as a method for connecting), spread the importance of natural protecting areas and most importantly: create deep connections!


Find out more about our ClimateWalk project:

All photos © Anna Schreinlechner / Climate Walk

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