Ecognize – Global Goals from Students for Students

Ecognize – Global Goals from Students for Students

With our project we want to raise students’ awareness on the climate crisis and its connection to their own lives as well as encourage students to take action and save our climate.


Our workshop

Our workshop is aimed at Viennese school classes with pupils aged between 11 and 14 years. The five to six hour “full version” of the workshop consists of an initial theory input in which climate change, its effects and the greenhouse effect are briefly explained. Afterwards the pupils will pass different stations in which everything is about possibilities of  climage action for each individual. The stations are: “Ecological footprint”, “Climate-friendly nutrition”, “Producing seed bombs” and “Upcycling”. After completing the stations, the group meets again and reflects on what they have learned. If we have less time available we put together a suitable, shorter program out of these “modules”.



The project won second place of the Sustainability Award 2018 in the category “Student Initiatives”. This award is presented by the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research to poinier projects of sustainability.

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