Climate discussion room Linz

Climate discussion room Linz

Let’s take action & connect!

In the course of the Action Leader Training Bernhard created the Climate Discussion Room Linz. In this post he tells us more about the successes and challenges of the project.

  • What was is about?

The climate discussion room should take place every odd calendar week on Thursday, from 7 p.m. (exception: school holidays in Upper Austria and public holidays) alternately at KAPU and at the salon ship Fräulein Florentine in Linz. Each evening had a specific motto. More than 170 people took part in the eight discussion rounds.

  • What were your personal highlights?

My personal highlight was the sometimes surprisingly high interest in the discussion rounds and the visit of activists from Germany (Fridays for Future, Ende Gelände and Hambi remains). We discussed climate disobedience with the two FFF activists Alena and Lu Ann from Frankfurt. Katrin Henneberger (Ende Gelände) and Clumsy (Hambi bleibt) discussed with us about perspectives, strategies, forms of action. Another highlight was an evening in which we critically examined the government program of the then new turquoise green government and over 30 people participated.

  • Was the project goal achieved?

The project goal of creating a space for discussions on the topics of the climate crisis and activism, but also for exchange, networking and docking in Linz, was achieved. However, it was interrupted indefinitely by COVID-19.

  • What did you learn from the project? What are your biggest take-aways?

I learned from my project that with a little bit of courage you can move a lot.

  • What was the biggest challenge?

In mid-March, the Corona lockdown didn’t stop for us either, and our plans were abruptly put on hold until further notice. If COVID-19 allows it, a restart in autumn 2020 is conceivable.

  • What would you have done differently in retrospect?

In retrospect we would probably have chosen a different theme on one or the other evening. Maybe we would have chosen a different rhythm.

  • What else do you want to share?

I built Fridays for Future Linz with many other young committed people. Political activism and the theme “Averting the Climate Crisis” have become dear to my heart. After finishing school this year and completing the Action Leader Training of Generation Earth on the side, I will do my civilian service next year at Freistadt Free Radio as a climate editor and continue to work actively for more climate justice.

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