Linzer Umwelttreff… time for connection

Linzer Umwelttreff… time for connection

Let’s connect!

We have set ourselves the goal of founding an environmental tribal table in the Upper Austrian capital as well! The incredibly good atmosphere and the exciting conversations with the other participants, but also the various thought games about scarce resources were only some of our highlights.

During the individual meetings we learned many facts about the environment and plastics that had been unknown to us until then. Probably the biggest learning progress for us was that the promotion had to be adjusted to the target group.


From March 13 we organized regular meetings, which took place every second Wednesday at 18:00. Every second meeting also included an exciting programme such as a workshop, activity or expert.


Our meetings took place second Wednesday at 18:00 in Linz. A total of about 15 participants took part in the six meetings.


The idea for the Linz Environmental Meeting came to us because both of us in Linz had no opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people. We wanted to discuss the environment, environmental problems, solutions, ideas and so much more with others. We decided to take the whole thing into our own hands and create such an opportunity. The result was the Linz Environmental Meeting, where we were able to hold precisely these discussions. Within the framework of the meetings we also did various activities, such as making signs for the climate strikes, a plastic-free picnic or a thought game about scarce resources and injustice between the different generations. At one of our meetings we talked about supermarket alternatives and unpacked food in the Linz area and it was great to share our own tips and tricks and listen to the others. The atmosphere at the meetings was not only friendly and relaxed, but also full of infectious energy and interest! We were also very happy about the new friendships we made during our meetings!

Can I still participate?

At the moment there are no further dates planned. As soon as something is clear, all information will be available on this page.

This project is supported by the Mutter Erde cooperation!

WWF Youth Summit

Any questions? We are looking forward to your message!

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Report from the first meeting:

It’s Wednesday the 13th of March and two Generation Earth members are waiting excitedly at a table at the Volkshaus Dornach in Linz. Who will show up? Did we prepare enough? Will the people want to come again? Well, it turned out to be an amazing evening!

In our endeavour to make this evening as interesting as possible, we wrote down possible conversation topics in case of uncomfortable silences, but we would not have needed to worry so much! It was great to exchange ideas about ways to reduce plastic, but also generally how to live more sustainably and I was especially thrilled by the numerous ideas that the participants brought for future debates, workshops or activities, such as plogging (combining jogging with picking up trash) or how to best preserve food in order to be able to eat it when it is out of season. The conversations were lively and interesting and in fact the conversations only ended when the last of us had to part ways on our way home. The participants seemed to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and we tried to pay attention to the individual interests of the participants. Now we are already organizing the next meeting: anyone is welcome!

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