Petition Stop cheap meat! Sign now!

Petition Stop cheap meat! Sign now!

Stop cheap meat, climate change we can defeat!

Together, we send a strong signal for an end to price dumping of meat products. Sign this petition now!

Meat products are often sold at such low prices that make environmentally friendly, animal-friendly husbandry and production impossible for farmers. Sham discounts further encourage mass sales of cheap meat. Too much meat from factory farming harms not only our health, but also the environment. It fuels the destruction of nature, the climate crisis and the extinction of species.

That’s why policymakers must act now to end price dumping on meat products. As part of Generation Earth’s Action Leader Training 2020/2021, we are five young people taking WWF’s petition forward with the goal of collecting a total of 20,000 signatures.


  • An active approach by Minister of Agriculture Elisabeth K√∂stinger against cheap meat.
  • An end to permanent discounts on meat products at supermarket chains – with the exception of discounts at the end of the best-before date
  • The creation of fair trade and competition conditions and the promotion of climate and environmentally friendly production while respecting animal welfare
  • Actions: Action weekend from July 2 to 4.


The cheap meat petition has given me the opportunity not only to raise my voice and protest in the streets, but also to work directly with WWF experts and a great team. This collaboration has empowered our team to take action against unsustainable practices, together we can curb climate change! After realizing how unsustainable meat production is to our environment, I went vegan, but this project has empowered me to become a political advocate for sustainable meat prices.


Team member

The Cheap Meat Petition gives you the opportunity to make your opinion clear against price dumping and to set an example for climate protection. But for me, the project is much more than that. I gain important experience, make contacts and have a lot of fun. Since I have become more involved with the topic of “sustainable nutrition”, I have repeatedly come across the issue of “cheap meat”. That’s why I’m all the more pleased to be able to take part in this project.


Team member

It is time to send a clear signal against price dumping, which makes environmentally friendly and animal-friendly husbandry impossible and I am convinced that this petition is our best opportunity to do so. As an individual it is hard to change something but together we can make this world a better one for humans and animals! My name is Hanna and I am a student and activist from Gmunden in Upper Austria.


Team member

The petition is an important step towards a fairer Austria and I enjoy working on it together with other motivated young people. Not only do I gain important experiences for my life, but I also get to know many different, great people! Since I live on a farm myself, it is important to me that animals are kept in a species-appropriate way, which is impossible for many Austrian farmers with the current meat prices and the additional price dumping. My name is Pauline and I am a student and environmental activist from Upper Austria.


Team member

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