Plastic – it’s drastic.

Plastic – it’s drastic.

Plastic it’s drastic!

It’s time to take political action! That’s why we decided to create a Manifesto on the topic of plastic to put pressure on the Austrian politics.


The following steps are planned to reach our goal:

  • Evaluation of our Manifesto with youth organizations
  • Promoting the Manifesto and getting support
  • Planning an art project and making a promotional video
  • Meeting federal minister K√∂stinger
  • Getting the manifesto to the UN General Assembly


The project already started! The art project will take place in June. We will hand over the manifesto in September. More details coming soon.

Why? What is the goal?

We want to achieve a strict realization of the EU directive. In order to do this we want to hand over a manifesto in autumn with our demands which should be supported by experts and youth organisations. Additionally, we want to achieve a directive on an international level.

How can I participate?

We are still looking for people to participate in the art projects as well as contacts to other youth organizations. Contact Emilia if you’re interested!

Please note: The manifesto will be added as soon as it’s finished.

This project is supported by the Mutter Erde cooperation!

This project is supported by the Mutter Erde cooperation!

WWF Youth Summit

We need YOU to support our art project!

The art project accompanies the political project Plastic – its drastic. With an art performance which will be filmed, we want to bring the “Plastic its drastic” project to the public.

In the video, the most important points of the manifesto are also discussed. The Art project shows the problem of microplastics. The performance presents with a dance that we humans already inhale microplasty and thus even the smallest particles can be found in our bodies.

Want to be part of it? Great! Contact Marlene and get in touch.

Any questions? We are looking forward to your message!

Write an E-Mail to Emilia

Project planning member

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