Podcast: Status Grow – Your seeds deserve to see the sunlight!

Podcast: Status Grow – Your seeds deserve to see the sunlight!

Podcast: Status grow!

Are you expressing all of you? Showing all your emotions, values, ups and downs, what you’re passionate about? Chances are, your answer to at least part of the question is „no“. Most of us are compromising parts of us, because „society expects us to behave a certain way“.

I believe that society does NOT dictate our lives or actions – and that we are free to follow our hearts. We are free to choose the path we’re taking, to stand for what we believe in, not compromising our values. We are free to be the change that we want to see in the world, learning and growing in the process. Do I believe that’s easy? Hell no! I have a whole lot of experience with how the world at its current state doesn’t exactly prepare us to be authentic and independent humans. Yet I still work everyday to become exactly that. Stepping out of the status quo and being true to yourself may be a simple task, but it’s certainly not easy. That’s why I have created Status Grow, a platform for us to empower each other, by sharing our stories of how we struggle, learn, change and grow while leaving our mark in the world. I hope for you to find inspiration to grow out of your old skin and try on something new, or remember an old passion that’s been in the closet for too long. It’s not always easy to find your voice and express it, for none of us, and sharing our stories can help us realise that we’re all in this together and experiencing the same things.


Our podcast will feature an interview with a young person that has an inspiring story (action for environment, sustainable lifestyle, initiated a project, etc.) and be available on on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.

Why? What is the goal?

We are at a crossroad for humanity right now and especially young people are feeling that. Fridays For Future have shown again how willing we are to be part of the process and to engage in finding a new way of living together on this planet. However, very often the task of changing literally EVERYTHING about how the world works right now can be quite overwhelming and I know the feeling of „my voice won’t make a difference anyway“. The people I’m talking to on Status Grow show that committed action from a passionate place really does change things and also leads to a whole lot of personal growth, as well as joy and excitement. Are you ready to start this journey with me? I’ll see you in the first episode!

How can I participate?

For the first episode I spoke with Rebecca Chizzola, who organized the first youth climate conference (LCOY) in Vienna in November 2018, together with 4 others. She is also an incredibly reflective, loving human and has gathered more wisdom in the few years that she’s been living on our planet than many people three times her age. We talk about learning by experience, jumping into the deep end, passing on inspiration, what you need to make a difference – and that’s just the beginning

Check out the podcast here: Podcast – Status grow

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