Save our water!

Save our water!

#ProtectWater – Our rivers and lakes are in danger. YOU can act NOW!

The EU Commission could soon weaken the protection of our water and rivers, lakes and streams at the urging of the industry lobby and some member states. Let’s prevent this together!

European waters are in a bad state. If also the legal protection is weakened, it would have fatal effects on valuable ecosystems and on countless birds, fish, mammals and insects, which live by and in the water. And to us. Because our drinking water comes from the freshwater systems, whose protection is to be loosened!

Take part now in the campaign “Save our water” and tell your opinion to the EU Commission. We have set up a simple form, so it only takes a few seconds to protect our water:

With actions like the Riverwalk Generation Earth is getting active for water protection in Europe. Watch our short video:

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