Save our water!

Save our water!

#ProtectWater – Our rivers and lakes are in danger…but YOU can act NOW to protect them!

The EU Commission could soon weaken the protection of our water and rivers, lakes and streams at the urging of the industry lobby and some EU member states. Let’s prevent this together and ensure healthy water for all!

Across the EU our waterbodies are not at all in a “good” state.  Therefore, if the legal protection is weakened, it would have detrimental effects on the ecosystems that we rely on and on countless birds, fish, mammals and insects, which need healthy rivers, lakes, etc. to survive. And we need that too! Our drinking water, for example, comes from the freshwater systems, whose protection could be weakened!

Join us now and help “Save our water” – Let the EU Commission know that you demand healthy waterbodies and free flowing rivers.  It’s super easy!  We have created a simple form, and it only takes a few seconds for YOU to protect our waterDo it for current and future generations!

Check out our videos about protecting our water!

1) Riverwalk 2018

2) Waterbodies

3) Where are all the fish?

Setz dich ein - für die fisch'

Ein kleiner Sketch, der euch daran erinnern soll, die Konsultation zur Erhaltung unserer Gewässer zu unterschreiben! <3✅ ✅

Gepostet von Generation Earth am Dienstag, 6. November 2018

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