Kick-off of the Action Leader Training 22-23

Kick-off of the Action Leader Training 22-23

Kick-off Meeting 22-23

In September the time had finally come! Our Action Leader Training 22-23 has started!

This year the kick-off meeting took place at the Scouts Camp in Attergau in Upper Austria. Nine participants traveled from Austria and Germany to learn what it means to be an Action Leader.
On the first day we started with a relaxed program. The new group got the chance to get to know each other and share their motivation and ideas.

Day 2 of the kick-off meeting was all about team building, where the group worked out how they want to work together in future. But it was also about the exciting question of what actually constitutes a change maker and what skills are required for this.

The third day was all about project management, where the prospective action leaders worked out possible content and ideas for their own action projects and planned the next steps for its implementation, as well as the upcoming trainings.

Day 4 was field trip day! To gain practical experience in nature, the Action Leader team visited the Belehof in Rutzenmoos – a cohousing project with organic farming. On site, the prospective Action Leaders not only had exciting things to learn about the community project, but they were also able to lend a hand themselves and experience what it means to work together for a conscious lifestyle.
On the last day it was all about planning the next steps, clarifying open questions and feedback sessions.

We are already excited about what will happen at the next training in November!


Credits: Reggentin/ Veronika Neumeister

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