That was the Eat4Change “Cookathon” Livestream

That was the Eat4Change “Cookathon” Livestream

Cookathon (c) Generation Earth

Eat4Change “Cookathon” Livestream

In August, an Eat4Change “8-hour Cooking Livestream” took place for the very first time – the Cookathon 2022!

Jasmin, Margarita and Moritz from the Action Leader Training 21/22 created the live event on Youtube on their own initiative to raise awareness that sustainable cooking can not only be easy, but also affordable – and most importantly, fun!
Our daily eating habits have a bigger impact than we can imagine – not only on our health, but also on global CO² emissions and climate change.

“Our goal is therefore to get more people to eat sustainably. By changing our consumption patterns, each of us can easily contribute to a sustainable future. And we wanted to show in an entertaining way how easy it can be!”

On August 13 at 11:00 a.m., the time had finally come: the starting signal for the ultimate 8-hour cooking experience. The program included various activities related to sustainable cooking, free recipes, fun games, prizes and much more. See which recipes were prepared during the livestream and how you ca

n easily recreate sustainable dishes at home in the official „Cookathon Cookbook“!

If you missed the event, you can watch recordings here: Part 1 and Part 2!

Follow-up report: “Learning by Doing”

If the pandemic taught us one thing, it’s that everything can be done online, even cooking! Our goal with the Cookathon was to convey how much fun sustainable cooking can be and show our viewers that vegan cooking is no rocket science.That’s why we organized an 8-hour cooking stream on YouTube.


  • cooking duel between two hobby-cooks (they had to cook a dish just based on a name)
  • cooking insects with ZIRP (a start-up that tries to introduce insects as part of a normal diet)
  • making kimchi and talking about fermentation with KRUT (a start-up that saves food waste from the production chain and makes kimchi and kombucha out of it)
  • Google Translator Cooking (cooking an unknown recipe only with instructions that were made illegible by several translations of the Google Translator)


An online project can’t be online without a few technical issues. At the start we couldn’t get the stream online in time, even though we tested everything the day before. While streaming our laptop was overwhelmed by the software, which led to bad video quality a few times in spite of our good technical equipment.

We also had a few problems in the planning phase and while communicating with the location and guests. We learned a lot from that!

In hindsight there would have been a lot of possibilities to improve the Cookathons concept and avoid problems. All of those learnings will help us with future projects.

All in all we’re very happy with how the Cookathon turned out, even if not everything went according to plan!



Credits: (c) Generation Earth

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