Performance flash mob – WATER BODIES: 20 September 2018

Performance flash mob – WATER BODIES: 20 September 2018

Dance performance for water protection

WATER BODIES is a flash mob that combines artistic performance and environmental protection. Organized by Generation Earth, in collaboration with the renowned choregraphers AIKO KAZUKO KUROSAKI and DARREL TOULON, to music by ELECTRIC:INDIGO.

At the time of the European Water Conference, which will be held in Vienna from 20.9 – 21.92018. The performance took place on September 20th between 1 pm and 2 pm.

MuseumsQuartier, Wien
Haupthof, in front of the staircase to the mumok

Why a performance flash mob for water protection?

European rivers and waters are important ecosystems, our lifelines, the source of our drinking water and home to countless animal and plant species, but most of them have been used in the past, brought into ecologically dramatic conditions by hydroelectric power stations, polluted and altered. In Europe, there is a comparatively progressive law to protect waters and water bodies and to restore good ecological status: The Water Framework Directive, the heart of European legislation on water protection.

But it is in danger of being renegotiated (starting from the above mentioned conference in September) and so industry, lobbies and states have the opportunity to drastically weaken the directive.

That is why we gave a strong signal for water protection, against a weakening of the Water Framework Directive, for more youth participation and for better implementation of the Water Framework Directive.

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Your Generation Earth Water Bodies Team
Franzi, Magda und Neni

Performance flash mob - WATER BODIES
Water Bodies - Tanzperformance für den Gewässerschutz

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