Workshop weekend: Save the Koralm!

Workshop weekend: Save the Koralm!


More than a year ago we became aware of the planned construction projects around the Koralm.

Embedded between tunnel, wind farm, ski area and 360kV line, the last piece of idyll is now to give way to two incredible projects: Austria’s largest pumped storage facility in the middle of the Koralm and one hydroelectric power plant on the Schwarze Sulm. The latter are even to be built in a Natura2000 area and we would lose two extraordinary natural monuments irretrievably. Although flowing waters are among the most species-rich ecosystems, in this country we can only call 15% of domestic watercourses “free-flowing”, and the trend is decreasing. The Black Sulm is, at least in sections, one of these rivers. Its upper reaches are about 17 km long and are considered the most untouched mountain river in the Eastern Alps.

All this is to be destroyed – for two hardly comprehensible construction projects, whose procedures have been running on the border of illegality for decades.

At the beginning of June, we – six representatives of Genereation Earth – were on site and got to know those people who have been fighting against it since the beginning. You can read our first impression here.

And a lot has happened since then. Above all, we had to admit to ourselves that we ourselves have a great need to learn about what hydropower actually means. For us, our energy needs, for regional business locations, river ecosystems and for climate protection. For this reason, we decided to travel to Deutschlandsberg once again to fill in these gaps in our knowledge and take a protest walk to the construction sites.

And we would like to invite you to join us!


When: 3. – 6. September 2020
Who: All interested parties who would like to learn more about the two construction projects and hydropower in general and get involved together
Where: JUFA Hotel Deutschlandsberg / Burgstraße 5
Costs: The workshops are free of charge for you
Program: You can find the program here.


The registration is closed.

All Photos © Flora Schleritzko, Youth Wilderness Ambassadors

All Photos © Flora Schleritzko, Youth Wilderness Ambassadors

You are from Deutschlandsberg, Bad Schwanberg or one of the surrounding communities, maybe even from Graz or the surrounding area and have time between September 3 and 6? Would you like to learn more about what hydropower actually means and what other alternatives are available? Would you like to join us on a search for clues and find out what these construction projects are all about? You want to know what possibilities you have as a citizen to make a difference? You want to learn more about media work and how to get environmental issues into the headlines? And most of all, do you want to stand up for our native nature in order to preserve such natural treasures?

Then be part of it and sign up for the workshop weekend for coral protection right now!

If you have any questions, you are welcome to send us an email to

Of course, the event will take place in compliance with the current Corona regulations. The location has enough space to guarantee the safety distance throughout! If you have any doubts or any other questions, please feel free to send us an email at any time!

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