Workshop: Microplastics in cosmetics

Workshop: Microplastics in cosmetics

Make-up for what?

Have you ever wondered what your cosmetic products consists of? Is microplastic possibly present? If so, then you are not alone. During a half-day workshop, we want to take a closer look at microplastics in our cosmetics with you and point out environmentally friendly alternatives. Be part of it!


Environmentally friendly and above all plastic-free cosmetics are the focus of this half-day workshop. At the beginning 2 guest lecturers will introduce us to the topic and draw our attention to the effects of microplastics on body and environment. Afterwards we want to start a DYI session ourselves and produce natural cosmetics. Each participant is then allowed to take the homemade products home.


Sunday, 20th of October 2019, 14:00


Freyraum WWF
Ottakringer Straße 114 -116
1160 Vienna

Why? What is the goal?

Understandably, not every woman wants to do without certain cosmetic products completely. However, it is important to us that more and more women question their cosmetic consumption.
Many of us are not aware whether and how much microplastic is contained in our cosmetic products. It is therefore important to us to create more transparency so that these products can be avoided or substituted with environmentally friendly alternatives. This is beneficial both for the environment and for a “healthy” awareness with regard to cosmetics.

How can I participate?

The registration will start on 13.09.2019.

How much does it cost?

The material costs are 15€.

Any questions? We are looking forward to your message!

Write an E-Mail to Emily

Project planning member

This project is supported by the Mutter Erde cooperation!

This project is supported by the Mutter Erde cooperation!

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The registration for this event has already ended.

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