Workshop: Plastic Stop

Workshop: Plastic Stop

Workshop: Plastic stop

At this school workshop for primary school students and teenagers we want to draw attention to the excessive consumption of plastic.


With the big wax moth it will be shown how difficult it is to find a solution to make the plastic disappear. The students will see for themselves which types of plastic can be easily replaced by better alternatives in everyday life. Together with their teachers, they should start collecting their plastic waste one week before the workshop, which will be discussed later in the workshop. After the workshops the students should motivate their families to buy more carefully or to take a step themselves to produce less plastic waste.


The workshops will take place in two Viennese schools in autumn 2019.

Why? What is the goal?

The two workshops with children of different age groups will serve to gather experience for the creation of a tool box on the subject of plastic waste. This should contain material for the lessons and enable teachers to deal with the topic themselves in their lessons.

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This project is supported by the Mutter Erde cooperation!

This project is supported by the Mutter Erde cooperation!

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