WWF Youth Summit: 6-10 September 2017

WWF Youth Summit: 6-10 September 2017

The WWF Generation Earth community is on the move…we’re growing and looking for partners in and outside of Austria!  Our goal is that by 2020, we have (together with partners) mobilized 10.000 youth.

Wow!  But how will we(you) do that?,” you might be asking yourself!

Good question.  Well, one way is to organize the FIRST EVER – WWF European Youth Summit 2017.

Together with other WWF youth groups from Finland, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland, a summit planning team consisting of youth representatives and WWF staff is hard at work to put together an awesome program!

They have selected the theme of “sustainable consumption” for the summit and will have workshops, exchanges of ideas and experience, and develop collective project ideas for how to “get active” in 2018.


Some key points about the Summit

What is the Goal and Objectives of the Summit?

Our Goal: “ We want to build a strong and long lasting network within the WWF Youth and  make the importance of the youth network visible,  reach even more young people and empower them to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature.”

Our Objectives:  To reach our goal we will…

  • Develop and build networks
    • Share ideas, experiences, peer2peer learning and intercultural exchange
  • Empower and take action
    • Follow-up projects, used to reach out to young people
  • Connect with nature and ecology
  • Build life skills (professional and personal)



06. – 10. September 2017


The Summit will take place in Upper Austria at the JUFA Hotel Almtal (Grünau im Almtal)

What will happen?

During the summit youth representatives and WWF employees from Austria, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden and several other “guest” countries will spend 5 exciting days together: connecting, sharing experiences, organizing workshops, spending time in nature, and working on joint projects.

What should participants gain from the experience?

  • General knowledge about the other countries
  • Social skills, friendships
  • Skill building:
    • leadership
    • project management: communication, rhetorical and presentation, speaking in public, press, interview etc.
    • get more confident with language skills and international affairs
  • confidence: to be able to change something should increase
  • inspiration: the participants and assure them what they are doing is important
  • nature connection: deepen their connection with nature
WWF Youth Summit

If you have questions regarding the WWF European Youth Summit, please contact me! I’m happy to help you as much as I can!

Send an E-Mail message to Theresa

Summit Planning Organizer

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