Youth4Responsibility: Attacking greenwashing and pushing sustainability

Youth4Responsibility: Attacking greenwashing and pushing sustainability


You want to attack the act of greenwashing and push forward in the direction of sustainability? That’s the project for you!


April 2019


We want to address the topic of single-use-plastic packaging by sending e-mails directly to the people in charge at Lidl Austria. Therefore check out our own project website here: Here you can find a form, which makes it super easy to take action. The mail is already prescribed. You just need to give it a go ;-).

Why? What is your goal?

To address the ineffectiveness of how Lidl Austria deals with the problem of plastics-pollution and plastic packaging, lacking to provide reusable forms of packaging. This needs to be addressed to themselves. Replacing single-use plastic packaging with alternative materials is not gonna solve the problem and will harm the environment even more. We want to show Lidl Austria what we think about their actions, which we interpret as green-washing.

How can I participate?

To reach our goal, we need as many supporters as possible. To support this project, check out our website and fill out the form.

WWF Youth Summit

I’m happy to answer any questions you have regarding my project!

Write an E-Mail to Jakob

Project coordinator

This project is supported by Mutter Erde.

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