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„Umgedacht” is designed by five Generation Earth members and deals with the crosspoint between young people, activism and sustainability. The aim of this series is not only to motivate with environmentally relevant contributions and interviews, but also to provide space for music and other art forms. We create space for exciting initiatives and unique stories and want to demonstrate that we can all achieve something. Every step matters for a fair and sustainable future!

Why call it „Umgedacht“?


“Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that gave them their origin,” Einstein once said, and we agree with him. We want to change something and show with this series that there is another way. Rethinking is the first step towards change.

That’s why you’ll find everything from palm oil discussions to interviews with rethinkers, reports on sustainable travel and reports on ideas of all kinds in our rethought radio programme. Always with the focus on showing possibilities how to become active yourself.

Who’s producing the show?

Dana Schwarzmann
Georgina Weinhart
Julia Stöllinger
Moritz Schachner

How can I listen to the show?

Every 2nd Friday of the month at 7 p. m. we are live on air at Radio Orange 94.0. The station can be tuned in to 94.0 in the Vienna area or listened to via live stream on the Internet at o94.at.

You missed the show? No problem! Here you can listen to the previous broadcasts: o94.at/nachhoeren

Previous shows

Below you can find the links to the blog containing a streaming link.
Since most of the show is in German, the streams are only available in German.

Shows 2021:

January “Umgedacht – Poetry Schlemm”


Shows 2020:

January “Umgedacht – COP 25: the climate conference in Madrid”

Shows 2019:

December “Umgedacht” – …becoming a climatarian

November “Umgedacht” – Forum N- University sustainability initiatives

September “Umgedacht” – One day with Art4Change

August “Umgedacht” – Generation Earth’s petition Klimacheck

May “Umgedacht” – Sustainable Tourism

April “Umgedacht – What you should know about the climate”

March “Umgedacht – SDG 5 – Gender equality for sustainable development”

January “Umgedacht” – Wrapped in plastic

Shows 2018:

December “Umgedacht” – Art activism and rivers

November “Umgedacht” – Critical questions about the ecological footprint

October “Umgedacht” – Experience Wilderness! Back to real nature

July “Umgedacht” – Plastic

June “Umgedacht” – Riverwalk and lots of music

May “Umgedacht” – The unconditional basic income

April “Umgedacht” – Urban Gardening and (Un)touched Nature

March “Umgedacht” – Music, that will do you good

February  “Umgedacht” – The role of art, culture & communication for social change


Shows 2017:

December „Umgedacht“ – The ecological footprint!

November „Umgedacht“ – All about food sovereignty…

October „Umgedacht“ – Sustainable Start-Ups

Juli „Umgedacht“ – Flash-, Smart- und Carrotmobs

June „Umgedacht“ – SDGs – What’s that?

May „Umgedacht“ – Waste

April „Umgedacht“ – Food waste

March „Umgedacht“ – Environmental activism

February „Umgedacht“ – Let’s talk about climate change!

January „Umgedacht“ – Our first show!

Do you have something to say?

Then contact us! We are always happy to report about interesting experiences, cool projects, sustainable initiatives or great ideas!

Write an e-mail to Dana


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