WWF/Generation Earth Steering Committee

The „Steering Committee” is made up of four WWF employees and four Generation Earth youth representatives who are elected by Generation Earth members every two years.  The committee works together to ensure good communication between WWF and Generation Earth and to include youth in decision-making processes. Together, the committee creates and oversees the implmentation of a strategic plan to guide the group’s direction.

Meet our youth representatives:

Hi, I’m Lia! I am responsible for diversity on the steering team. My goal is to inspire diverse people to become active for Generation Earth. I am at the end of my bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of Vienna.

Additionally I am a buddy responsible for Action Leader Training and Content Management in Generation Earth’s Digital Team.

Lia Mouftoglou

Steering Committee member 2021-2023

There is nothing good unless you do it! For me, Generation Earth is a network in which youth and young adults advocate for a livable future on a living planet. I have been an active part of this network since 2018 and I am proud to represent the interests of GE members since the beginning of 2021, as part of the Generation Earth steering team. I am substantively committed to shaping a participatory process to change the GE structure, with a vision to make GE more democratic, participatory and actionable.

As a GE member, I have completed the Action Leader training, am a participant in the Call of the Wild training and the Political Action Team. I am grateful to be part of this beautiful community and to take action together! I look forward to all that is to come 😊

Tobias Brossmann

Steering Committee member 2021-2023

My greatest adventure is and remains the participation in the youth environmental movement Generation Earth, which I joined after my civilian service at WWF Austria via the ALT-Training. I have always been involved in projects such as Crossing Paths and Art4Change, I participate in demonstrations such as Water Bodies in image processing, I help out the steering team of the youth group in the field of social media and I am a member of the in-house social media team.

In all this time I never lost my love for novels and poems. After a fateful camping tour in the wild north of Europe, I found the peace and time not only to read imaginative stories, but also to invent them myself. Since this event in Norway I have been trying to put the ideas out of my head on paper and to write books, and since the Action Leader Training of Generation Earth I have been trying to support the activism for Mother Nature.

Bernhard Ottinger

Steering Committee member 2020-2022

Generation Earth is a network that lets common dreams and actions flourish. I always find support in Generation Earth and experience how we can really make a difference together! Thanks to Generation Earth, I participated in the Action Leader Training 2016/17, co-organized an Action Project in the Vienna Forest, collected signatures for the online petition on the Water Framework Directive and participated in several workshops and courses. At the moment I am also active as a buddy in the Alumni-led Action Leader Training, which makes me especially happy, because now we can infect other people with the wonderful Generation Earth Spirit in our team and go on an educational and beautiful journey together with the participants.

For me personally, the next step is to work in the steering team. This is another step on my journey, and another step to change the face of the world a little bit!

Monika Spiekermann

Steering Committee member 2020-2022

What is the role of a Youth Representative?

  • Participate on monthly Skype calls with other youth representatives.
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Participate in two face-to-face Steering Committee meetings and join WWF staff retreats.
  • Assist with other tasks as time allows (e.g. planning and implementing Generation Earth trainings, taking part in conferences, representing Generation Earth at events, etc.)

Youth representative positions will last two years. If a member is unable to fulfill the entire time requirement, the representative will be able to nominate a replacement.

What are the tasks of the „Steering Committee“?

The „Steering Committee” consists of four WWF employees and four Generation Earth youth representatives. The group meets face-to-face twice a year and is responsible for following tasks:

  • Ensure the effective implementation of commonly agreed upon goals
  • Assess the success and efficacy of Generation Earth programs
  • Strategic planning and decision-making (for coming year): Generation Earth Steering Committee members will choose a national campaign topic each year that supports WWF themes/campaigns
  • Resolution of conflicts if they arise and clarification of open questions

Previous steering committee members:

Julia Proksch

Steering Committee 2019-2021

Christina Puffer

Steering Committee 2019-2021

Isa Knilli

Steering Committee 2017-2019

Sara Vaca

Steering Committee 2017-2019

Clemens Zatloukal

Steering Committee 2016-2018

Georgina Weinhart

Steering Committee 2016-2018

Theresa Posch

Steering Committee 2015-2017

Dana Schwarzmann

Steering Committee 2015-2017

Valentin Lechner

Steering Committee 2014-2016

Selin Öker

Steering Committee 2015-2016

Julia Kurtze

Steering Committee 2014-2015


Steering Committee 2014-2015

Johannes Brossmann

Steering Committee 2014-2015

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