WWF/Generation Earth Steering Committee

The „Steering Committee” is made up of four WWF employees and four Generation Earth youth representatives who are elected by Generation Earth members every two years.  The committee works together to ensure good communication between WWF and Generation Earth and to include youth in decision-making processes. Together, the committee creates and oversees the implmentation of a strategic plan to guide the group’s direction.

Meet our youth representatives:

Hi, I’m Crystal! I participated in the Action Leader Training 2014/15 and since then environmental action is part of my daily life.

Generation Earth offers a platform and a „home“ for people who want to get engaged and I take the chance to work on ideas and projects I am burning for. I am really happy to be in the steering committee because I can try things out and there are always new amazing people you get to know. It is a pleasure to work on a positive and sustainable future together.

Christina Puffer

Steering Committee member 2019-2021

I’ve been an active member of Generation Earth since 2016, I’ve been on the social media team with great people for 2 years and now I’m happy to be part of the steering team.

I am so grateful to Generation Earth for all the experiences and I want to share this feeling with others! What is particularly important to me is the political aspect. I study political science and find it important that we position ourselves politically clearly! Environmental protection, feminism, cosmopolitanism and the whole programme should be on our agenda in order to fight for a better world!

Julia Proksch

Steering Committee member 2019-2021

I am a part of Generation Earth since the Action Leader Training of 2015/16. I graduated from highschool in June 2017 and am now in Nicaragua and possibly other countries of central america doing different types of voluntary work before going back to Vienna to start university and “real life”.

I enjoy being out in nature alot, hiking, running, doing yoga, reading, dancing, playing the guitar and the list goes on. I want to join the Steering Comittee since I love having an overview, managing and I feel like I can gain alot of knowledge in exchange for my time and energy investment.

Isa Knilli

Steering Committee member 2017-2019

I am from Ecuador and am part of the action leader training 2017/2018. I am an environmental engineer and now I am studying a master degree program in Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering at BOKU. In 2015, I was volunteering into the project “Human rights and diversity”, in Vienna, with Grenzenlos organization. My soul contains lots of concerns about our reality and for years, I have been waiting for an opportunity to work in strategies and projects in environmental issues, in a higher level, therefore I think Generation Earth is the best platform to do that.

I am really looking forward to working with the Steering Committee, for a better world, specially with respect and love to the nature and each other.

Sara Vaca

Steering Committee member 2017-2019

What is the role of a Youth Representative?

  • Participate on monthly Skype calls with other youth representatives.
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Participate in two face-to-face Steering Committee meetings and join WWF staff retreats.
  • Assist with other tasks as time allows (e.g. planning and implementing Generation Earth trainings, taking part in conferences, representing Generation Earth at events, etc.)

Youth representative positions will last two years. If a member is unable to fulfill the entire time requirement, the representative will be able to nominate a replacement.

What are the tasks of the „Steering Committee“?

The „Steering Committee” consists of four WWF employees and four Generation Earth youth representatives. The group meets face-to-face twice a year and is responsible for following tasks:

  • Ensure the effective implementation of commonly agreed upon goals
  • Assess the success and efficacy of Generation Earth programs
  • Strategic planning and decision-making (for coming year): Generation Earth Steering Committee members will choose a national campaign topic each year that supports WWF themes/campaigns
  • Resolution of conflicts if they arise and clarification of open questions

Previous steering committee members:

Clemens Zatloukal

Steering Committee 2016-2018

Georgina Weinhart

Steering Committee 2016-2018

Theresa Posch

Steering Committee 2015-2017

Dana Schwarzmann

Steering Committee 2015-2017

Valentin Lechner

Steering Committee 2014-2016

Selin Öker

Steering Committee 2015-2016

Julia Kurtze

Steering Committee 2014-2015


Steering Committee 2014-2015

Johannes Brossmann

Steering Committee 2014-2015

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