Diary of a new generation

Diary of a new generation

Life itself writes the best stories!

Would you like to experience first hand what it is like to participate in the Action Leader training?


Then dive into our “Diary of a New Generation”! Accompany Generation Earth member “Marie” on her way to becoming an Action Leader. She shares with us her experiences and learnings, but also the challenges she has faced. Maybe you will even find yourself and your thoughts in one place or another. Every other week we will share on of her diary entries with you.

May 2019: Dear diary, I just did something crazy.

I have been thinking back and forth for a very long time and finally jumped over my shadow. In September a new phase of my life begins. A good friend of mine told me about the so-called Action Leader Training of Generation Earth. A training where you learn how you can change something in this world as a young person, how you can put your idea into action. I WANT to change something and that is why I just applied for the next training. I am unbelievably excited and curious what is coming up to me.

I have also participated in an information evening, which was incredibly helpful for me. Together with other interested young people I have been asking the team of Generation Earth a lot of questions. For example, it was not quite clear to me how much time the whole thing will take and how the individual trainings will be structured.

Now I know and I am incredibly excited about the first kick-off meeting in early September! But I have the feeling that this was absolutely the right decision.

September 2019: Dear diary, it’s time!

The first training is just around the corner. I am a bit nervous and don’t really know what to expect. Will I get along with the other participants? Will it be interesting? And will we fit together well as a team? Questions after questions buzz through my head. Let’s see what the next days will bring.

In any case, the location sounds very promising. We meet in the so-called “Lebensgut Miteinander” in Lower Austria surrounded by beautiful forests and meadows. The days will be filled with outdoor activities & workshops. Anyway, this comes just in time because I have had the urgent need to escape the city for a long time. I don’t want to jinx anything, but this weekend sounds like a lot of fun.

December 2019: I just got a message from Lisa.

Lisa is taking part in the Action Leader Training together with me and after we got along really well during the first training, we grew together more and more in our private lives. Besides, all my worries about the first training were unfounded. The group is awesome! We had a lot of fun and even took part in the first workshop. Thank God the weather was fine and we spent an incredible amount of time outside. What I liked most were the games to get to know each other better, because that way we had the chance to get to know each other as a group and grow together.

During the next training we will learn more about the connections between our nutrition and the effects on the climate. We learn what permaculture has to do with sustainability and much more. The best thing: one evening we will have a clothes-swap party and probably also make a campfire with music and everything else that goes with it. I’m sure this will also lead to very good conversations. Slowly we have to start thinking about our project idea and to be honest I’m still rather aimless. But I’m sure that with the support of Nate, Magda and Jenny I’m going to get everything right.

Dear diary, I’ll keep you posted.

January 2020: Time flies!

Believe it or not, my project is beginning to take shape. Together with my project team I decided to organize a Zero Waste Dance Party, where young people have the opportunity to exchange their tips for waste avoidance in a relaxed atmosphere. We will also offer different workshops for the participants. For example, a Viennese Zero Waste company will show us how to make reusable beeswax tissues. This saves unnecessary packaging materials such as aluminium or plastic foil. I will also give a little welcome speech at the event and explain why this topic is so close to my heart. Just when I think about it, my heart starts beating faster because of my nervousness.

However, I have the feeling that I have already grown beyond myself during the Action Leader Training and I almost don’t recognize myself anymore. Everything we learn in theory about project management and organisation we can put into practice right away with the help of our own project. This helps me insanely, because before my time at the Action Leader Training I felt quite helpless and hopeless in the face of the climate crisis. Now I know that every one of us can make a difference.

Finally I find my voice, my way and I have a faint idea where this path will take me.

February 2020: It’s done!

Last Friday was the day of our Zero Waste Dance Party. I’m so relieved! Especially in the last days before the event we spent a lot of time in the last preparations. But all the work was worth it. Our event went completely smoothly. Within the group the project has welded us together extremely well. We have almost become one small family. Now the question arises for me how to continue…

The Action Leader Training is almost over again and I did not regret my participation for a second. Never before have I developed so enormously in such a short time. Both personally and with my professional know-how. You cannot simply compare this training with a course at university, because it simply goes much more into depth. The theme of the year was also a great framework and helped me a lot in my everyday life. I am really proud of myself that I took this chance and put all my worries aside. I would choose to do it again any time!

Now I am happy to become part of the Generation Earth Community and may reveal a little secret right away… The next project is already on the doorstep again! But shhh….

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