Think Tank 2018

Think Tank 2018

06 – 07 January – Bad Fischau

What a start into the year 2018! This year, Generation Earth is starting the new year with more good intentions than ever before. All as a result of the think tank that took place on 6-7 January in the idyllic town of Bad Fischau.
The think tank’s purpose was to network the new action leaders with each other and the alumni, but the main focus lay on the new project ideas, which are to be implemented in the coming year.
A total of six project planning groups have been set up whose actions will accompany us throughout the coming year:


  • Earth Hour 2018 + Festival
  • Political commitment with G. E


  • Nature Conservation – Clean-Up + Camp’ (Un)contacted Nature’
  • Campaign for the Water Framework Directive + Riverwalk
  • International Summer Camp


  • Ecognize – Workshop Series

As soon as the projects are more advanced in the planning process, you will find more detailed descriptions on our projects page.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the projects, please contact

We were mainly busy with diligent planning during the weekend, but still found time to get to know each other better, to exchange ideas and to explore the area on a night hike. On the whole, one can say that the think tank was a complete success and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to George, who put the event together on her own and with flying colors.

We are looking forward to next time!

Think tank group
Balancing game
Buzy activity during the market place
Old and new faces

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