“Umgedacht” – The role of art, culture & communication for social change

“Umgedacht” – The role of art, culture & communication for social change

How do people react to threatening climate change information?

What is the role of art in environmental and climate protection? And how do you make people like to deal with these issues?

Exemplary with joy

Stephan Charalampopoulos was a guest in the studio and spoke about his blog lebsvor.at. He told us why he is burning for the topic of sustainable development and what his approach for a better future looks like. We asked him how he communicates the topic of sustainability and what motivates him to work on this topic.

Furthermore, we heard exciting reports about the communication of climate change information with environmental psychologist Dr. Isabella Uhl and about the role of art in sustainability with Verena Gross.

Climate change information with unwanted side effects

Environmental psychologist Dr. Isabella Uhl is investigating how people react to threatening climate change information. She told us more about her research, the current results and why confronting people with climate change information can lead to undesirable side effects.

Art can do more

Recognizing that whales are not only intelligent and can sing beautifully, but can sometimes even have ingenious ideas when it comes to waste reduction is something that requires a bit of creativity. But thank God, Verena Gross has more than enough of that and recently packed it all into a video that you can watch here. In the interview, the young artist tells us how environmental topics can be packed into small stories and presented in a playful way instead of using the raised finger.


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Hi! We are Georgina, Dana, Julia, Theresa and Moritz, or “GERTI” – the five Generation Earth member radio team and the “brains” behind the show “Umgedacht” – heard on Radio ORANGE 94.0. During our show, you’ll get a deeper and perhaps new feeling for the meaning of, “sustainability.” Especially important for us is to inspire others to get active as each step helps get us closer to a more fair and sustainable world!

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