“Umgedacht” – Critical questions about the ecological footprint

“Umgedacht” – Critical questions about the ecological footprint

Can we save the world by saving plastic bags? What really drives us to ruin? And how do we get out of this mess?

Wolfgang Pekny and Julie Stöllinger discuss these and many other exciting questions during “Umgedacht” on Radio Orange.

They push the chairs right and the microphones. Technician Dana quickly raises a few controls. The weekly preview comes to an end, the clock counts down and 3-2-1 they are live on air.

“But when does the earth actually collapse?” asks the young radio maker stubbornly. “And why doesn’t flying finally become more expensive? – “And is the footprint really more than a nice metaphor?”

Wolfgang Pekny does not hesitate for a second to answer these critical questions. In an exciting and vivid way, he explains how the world is measured and what really makes the difference in the flood of environmental protection measures.

Wolfgang is the founder and director of the Footprint platform in Austria and sees the Earth as a space ship that has become too small in the meantime. Nevertheless, we can all lead a good life – on a light foot. But for this we have to change everything, he says.

Long after the show, the two are still lively discussing with each other. Take a listen.

Take a listen: Our show about “Critical questions about the ecological footprint”

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Hi! We are Georgina, Dana, Julia, Theresa and Moritz, or “GERTI” – the five Generation Earth member radio team and the “brains” behind the show “Umgedacht” – heard on Radio ORANGE 94.0. During our show, you’ll get a deeper and perhaps new feeling for the meaning of, “sustainability.” Especially important for us is to inspire others to get active as each step helps get us closer to a more fair and sustainable world!

Generation Earth Radio-Team (GERTI)

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