“Umgedacht” – Environmental Activism

“Umgedacht” – Environmental Activism

ACTIVISM was clearly the buzzword of the last issue of “Umgedacht”.

We had Georg (regional group leader at Greenpeace) as our guest in the studio, who first gave us a general overview of the topic and who was able to draw on his many years of experience. From demonstrations, flashmobs and information stands to creative methods (in polar bear costumes) we raise the central questions of how to organize these forms of activism and what they actually achieve.

In line with this, activist Lisa, who is currently working full time at the Mur in Graz (Murcamp), showed us the way in which resistance is being fought there in order to prevent the construction of the planned hydroelectric power plant and the challenges involved.

There are also reports of successes and that they usually come “bit by bit” or as an unexpected turnaround. On this occasion, we also examine the right to demonstrate and its significance in our society with our guests.

Finally, we were able to welcome two Generation Earth activists. Julia and Laura are active online, among other things. In the studio they talk about their Instagram Photo Challenge at Earth Hour (#candlelightdinner2017) and want to focus on conscious and sustainable nutrition.

In between we played music, sometimes thoughtful sometimes atmospheric. All in all, time flew by and our first one-hour mission was over. For all those who missed them – don’t worry! You can also listen to it if you change your mind!

In this sense another active week and see you soon
your radio team

What can you expect in the next show?

Next time we’re talking about food waste.

Curious? Then don’t miss our next show: April 14th at 7 pm, LIVE on ORANGE 94.0!


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Hi! We are Georgina, Dana, Julia, Theresa and Moritz, or “GERTI” – the five Generation Earth member radio team and the “brains” behind the show “Umgedacht” – heard on Radio ORANGE 94.0. During our show, you’ll get a deeper and perhaps new feeling for the meaning of, “sustainability.” Especially important for us is to inspire others to get active as each step helps get us closer to a more fair and sustainable world!

Generation Earth Radio-Team (GERTI)

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