“Umgedacht” – Waste

“Umgedacht” – Waste

On Friday, UMGEDEDACHT entered the fifth round with an exciting, mixed-up programme on the subject of garbage.

Meanwhile we, Dana and Moritz, are relatively well-practised for radio making and so there were only small mishaps (such as when Moritz forgot the names of the guests…).

The studio was unusually crowded, but also full of energy. Our guests were all great and showed that the topic of garbage can be wonderfully combined with creativity, activism and fun and that, unlike what we learned during the garbage separation, it can be something that connects.

Fiona, the zerowastelady, told us about her art concerning garbage, about her self-experimentation, living without garbage and about the hurdles.

Sophia came to invite to the Partycipation Festival, an exciting and super sustainable festival in Gänserndorf.

Nadine and Joel invited to their action leader project Youth4Future, which we will hear more about in the June show.

Not enough, we also presented the Südwind Straßenfest and other projects.

Despite the many programme points, the show was not overloaded and was a lot of fun.

Our next show: June 9th at 19:00, LIVE on ORANGE 94.0!

About the Author

Hi! We are Georgina, Dana, Julia, Theresa and Moritz, or “GERTI” – the five Generation Earth member radio team and the “brains” behind the show “Umgedacht” – heard on Radio ORANGE 94.0. During our show, you’ll get a deeper and perhaps new feeling for the meaning of, “sustainability.” Especially important for us is to inspire others to get active as each step helps get us closer to a more fair and sustainable world!

Generation Earth Radio-Team (GERTI)

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