(Un)touched Nature

(Un)touched Nature

Marlene and Georg report about (Un)touched Nature

Hello, we are Georg and Marlene and we want to tell you a little bit about how we enjoyed the weekend with Generation Earth in the Vienna Woods last May. Arriving from Upper Austria the day before, we were very curious what to expect at this meeting. Neither of us have ever entered the Vienna Woods before, and it was also the first time that we took part in an event of Generation Earth.

We had slight doubts whether we were properly equipped in terms of fitness and equipment, but after good encouragement from the group leaders, the anticipation outweighed the doubts. Altogether we were on the road for two days and covered a distance of 30km. Our way led over hill and dale and our goal was to remove as much rubbish as possible from nature. During the hike there were very interesting conversations with the participants. During this time we also developed a good group dynamic. Through teamwork we set up our night camp in the evening and cooked a super delicious vegetarian stew. Another highlight were the chocolate bananas grilled over the fire. Real bananas with chocolate in them!

Despite the heat we made our way through the vineyards to the Danube Island on the second day. When we reached our destination, we enjoyed a last picnic together and took a proud look at the rubbish we had collected together. We agreed, it was a fun and meaningful action and everyone and everyone took a new insight or benefit from it.

(Un)touched Nature Team

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