Upcycling Workshop

Upcycling Workshop

by Anna Kofler

Our event series “Experience Vienna. With all senses.” came to an end on Friday 20 October with an upcycling workshop. Three stations were set up, each with lanterns, notebooks and pixies – and small figures were crafted.

The gnomes have turned out to be a very popular station. Old coffee capsules were used for the body and styrofoam balls were used as the head, which were painted with a face. The participating girls and boys developed their creativity in designing the little figures and gave them a variety of faces and clothes.

The second station was the production of lanterns. For this purpose we have collected used aluminium cans painted with lacquer and worked them with hammers and nails. Here too, there were no limits to our creativity, flower patterns, stars, comic motifs…

The third and last table was used for the production of notebooks and leaflets. Book covers of damaged books were cut to size and given a second life. Furthermore, different coloured paper was available and the books could be decorated with old jewellery. This has resulted in many great, individually designed notebooks and leporlos.

The atmosphere during our last project was very exuberant and after five previous events we had a pleasant routine in the process. All the girls and boys present were very attentive, committed and we were all enthusiastic about how little communication difficulties there were.

The team “Experience Vienna. With all senses” would like to thank all participants who accepted us so kindly and who were full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for our various activities.

Furthermore, we would like to thank our cooperation partner Interface for the support during the preparation, the trust in us and our project and finally for the help during the events.

We would also like to express our sincere thanks to the Generation Earth team for their help, whether in planning or supporting us with the necessary materials.

Finally, I would like to say once again how much fun we had during our project. It has been nice to see how quickly you can develop a sense of community when you design something together, go on excursions etc…

We are looking forward to all further projects that will follow!

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What a cute goblin!
Upcycling group

About the author

I took part in the Generation Earth Action Leader Training 2016/17. It was very informative and I had a lot of fun. I met so many great, committed people and enjoyed the informal atmosphere. At the moment four colleagues and I are working on our project “Experience Vienna. With all senses.” which deals with sustainable consumption. My studies at BOKU focus on different topics of ecology. The work on our project allows me to apply my knowledge in practice.


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