Waste Separation

Waste Separation

by Jessica Bindra

On Friday the 13th of October at the fifth event of our project “Experience Vienna. With all senses.” everything was under the heading of the black matter: of course we are talking about waste!

And so much can be revealed: No hands stayed clean at this event. The day started at Favoritenstraße 8, where the Interface classrooms are located. As soon as everyone had arrived we introduced the 5 new students, who had spontaneously joined our project, to the rest of the class. So after a short warm-up the day started with a lecture from our female expert Gudrun, who is a former employee at the BOKU Institute of Waste Separation and studied anti-pollutant technology. As an expert she introduced us to the field of waste management. To our surprise this subject turned out to be easier to understand than expected. Thanks to Gudrun!

She managed to catch the student’s attention with an interactive lecture and a playful approach. The level of interactive participation in the discussion, as well as the generally high level of the discussions from the student’s side fascinated all of us.

Especially the subtopics waste prevention, recycling, repair and upcycling did raise great interest within the students.

Therefore, the students started to collect waste minimalizing solution strategies by themselves for their personal lives.

In the second part of the event our group prepared a nice picnic combined with a game concerning waste separation in the backyard. After eating a bit we continued with the visit of the “Waste Disposal Sonnleithnergasse” in the 10th district nearby the school. There was already a friendly MA 48 employee waiting for us to introduce us to the connective idea of waste separation and sustainability.

A related neurobiological study showed that it remains a challenge for the human brain to imagine future outcomes and especially consequences of complex topics. So, in this case the challenge was to show the personal consequences to questions as: What happens to ME, if I won’t separate MY waste? What does separation mean to ME? Why should I use an oil container?

But in the end we got the impression that the message of sustainability and intergenerative justice reached the students. And we are positive that it may have an actual influence on their daily behaviour.

Our next and already last event on the topic of Upcycling will take place on October the 20th. And we hope, that it may be another contribution to a sustainable society within the framework of the SDGs. We keep you updated.

the concentrated group
The Ö3 Wundertüte for old phones
Yusuf our instructor
The wastegame

About the author

My name is Jessica Bindra, I’m a student at the University of Life Sciences (BOKU) and since 2016 a member of Generation Earth (GE).
GE gave me and our team of five others the opportunity to realize a project, which we really ‚burn for‘.
In doing so, we realized that our heart and soul is in an event series concerning the inclusion of refugees.


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