Workshop: Global Goal 13 – Climate Action

Workshop: Global Goal 13 – Climate Action

WORKSHOP: Global Goal 12 – Climate Action

Project in collaboration with Ecognize – global goals from students for students

Our Workshop

From February to June 2018, members of Generation Earth and Ecognize travelled to Viennese schools to raise awareness of the climate crisis among young people and motivate them to act against it. We held our own workshop on the Global Goal 13 – Climate Action. The workshop is aimed at young people between 11 and 14 years, lasts 5 hours and includes both a theory input on climate change and the greenhouse effect as well as an interactive station operation in which possible courses of action are shown.

Since we did not want to reject any requests, we adapted the program each time to new conditions. In the future, however, this will be reduced because it simply means too much work.

Even though the organisation was sometimes difficult and full of work, every workshop we held gave us new motivation. The young people were always fully involved and gave us mostly positive feedback. We all had a lot of fun working with the students and gained valuable experience.


A particular highlight was Ecognize’s second place Sustainability Award 2018 in the category “Student Initiatives”. This award is presented by the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism and the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research to pioneering projects in sustainability.

The Generation Earth project came to an end in late September, but Ecognize continues in schools and takes the workshop that has emerged from the cooperation with it to inform more students about the climate crisis and global goals.

Sounds good? Ecognize is always looking for motivated young people who are enthusiastic about educational work and working with young people and children.

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