WWF and Generation Earth – A great team!

Generation Earth is the youth network of WWF Austria, and together, we make an awesome team!

The WWF employees in the “Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)” program work to support us in many ways. They provide the link to WWF’s work and expertise and the much needed infrastructure to keep our group growing. This way, we are able to focus on our trainings, events and action projects. Other WWF employees provide expertise on different areas from presswork and communication to specific conservation topics. They often hold workshops at our events and support us with their know-how in our project development and implementation.

WWF also supports us financially. Largely, by providing the staff people and funding for our trainings, but also for many of our action projects. Plus, we are allowed to use WWF resources like vehicles, training materials, equipment, and more.

What do we provide WWF?  Generation Earth provides a direct link to young, motivated people who have lots of ideas (sometimes crazy) and energy for getting active. Sometimes they say we are the “claws” of the panda!  With our projects and activities we support the conservation work of the organization because we like to get “down and dirty!”

Get to know the department “Education for Sustainable Development”:


Nate (WWF Austria)

In 2009, I had the chance to give a presentation to WWF education staff on my experiences working with youth in Alaska and share with them how inspiring it was. Afterward, they agreed, “let’s make it happen in Austria!” In 2010, we kicked off the youth leadership program with a group of seven amazing teens. Years later, I love what I’m doing just as much as I did that first year, and it’s simply awesome to see how we’ve grown and what youth are doing for the Earth. As the program coordinator, I am lucky enough to work with a great team of WWF staff and inspiring youth leaders from across Austria, Europe, and the world!

Where will Generation Earth grow next?

Contact: nathan.spees@wwf.at

Jennifer (WWF Austria)

Since January 2019 I am part of WWF Austria. At Generation Earth I do a lot of communication work, which includes creating content and designs for the website and the Generation Earth newsletter as well as managing the online community. Apart from that I support the project teams with the promotion of their events and activities.

What I like about Generation Earth is the fact that, I think it is the perfect place for young people to learn more about environmental issues as well as actively shape the future of this planet. Every actions counts!

Contact: jennifer.bauderer@wwf.at

Magdalena (WWF Austria)

I’ve been working at WWF Austria since November 2015. My work for Generation Earth covers administrative and organisational tasks.

I’m convinced that young people who are interested in nature and environmental topics as well as want to contribute to the positive future of the world do have the ability to drive the change.

Contact: magdalena.bauer@wwf.at

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is one of the largest environmental organizations in the world and active in around 100 countries. Worldwide 5,3 million people support the WWF.

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