2nd WWF Youth Summit 2018

2nd WWF Youth Summit 2018

„In each country we are a raindrop – but together we can become the ocean“

5 countries – 35 people – 1 dream: a plastic-free world

From 30th August to 2nd September 2018 the youth groups of five different WWF offices met in Falkensee (Germany, close to Berlin) to learn, laugh and get active together. This year’s summit was all about plastics and how to reduce plastic waste in the environment. The participants came from Sweden, Finland, Austria, Germany and Turkey.

After getting to know each other, learning about how the other youth groups work, we dived into the topic of plastics: after the input from WWF expert Bernhard Bauski from Germany on problems and solutions to plastic consumption we got the chance to actually see how a recycling facitlity works.

The third day was all about planning our own international projects: we, as young people, felt very strong for setting a statement on plastic consumption and after hard hours of discussing, we came up with three different projects to tackle the issue of reducing plastic waste in the environment. For the best possible outreach of the projects each had a different level of attacking the problem:

  • One project foucuses on politics and how to reach politicians with the issue.
  • Another one is trying to put pressure on supermarkets to encourage the use of alternatives to plastic.
  • And last but not least, the third group was focusing on the consumer level and tries to raise awareness with workshops about plastics in schools.

All these projecst were planned by country-mixed groups, which ensures an international implementation.

Of course, fun, games and celebrations were not left out and all of the participants went home with new inspiration, ideas and next steps for their projects.

WWF Youth Summit 2018 - getting active together for a plastic-free world
WWF Youth Summit 2018
WWF Youth Summit 2018 - Visiting a recycling facility
WWF Youth Summit 2018 - Working on project ideas

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