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Welcome to Generation Earth! Are you looking for a way to get active for the environment and to make a difference in your world? Then, you have found yourself in the right place! With us you’ll have the possibility to put an idea/dream into action – to create a more sustainable world together with other young, dedicated people.

We are all about action: we are always organizing workshops, trainings, outings, international camps, and action projects. Read on, and you’ll find all the important information to get active with us!


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Upcoming events

Jul 2018

21.07.2018 - 22.07.2018 - Generation Earth Summerfest
Zentrum der Oberösterreichischen Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen 4880 Berg bei St. Georgen i.A.

Aug 2018

06.08.2018 - 18.08.2018 - Riverwalk 2018

Sep 2018

02.09.2018 - 05.09.2018 - Hike for the Soul of the Alps
26.09.2018 - 30.09.2018 - Action Leader Training – Kick-Off (Group 1)
LebensGut Miteinander 3163 Rohrbach an der Gölsen

Oct 2018

03.10.2018 - 07.10.2018 - Action Leader Training – Kick-Off (Group 2)

Action Leader Training 2017/18 – Second Group – Part 5

"Off to the Wilderness" was the motto of our fifth and last Action Leader Training. We dealt with our closeness to nature, with the main training topic of sustainable consumption and celebrated the completion of the course.

Action Leader Training 2017/18 – First Group – Part 5

The last part of our Action Leader Training brought us to Tyrol. We learned more about how to get politically active and reconnected to nature. Of course we celebrated our great year together.

Action Leader Training 2017/18 – Second Group – Part 4

During the training in the beautiful Viennese woods, we got input on the topics of sustainable economics, rhetoric and non-violent communication. The highlight of the weekend: a visit to the town of Aspern including a guided tour through the "Blün" food production plant.

Generation Earth gets political!

During the Generation Earth "Project Lab" early this year the idea came up to create a workshop for Generation Earth, which gives us input on political activism. We wanted to invite experts who inspire and inform us. No sooner said than done!

“Umgedacht” – Urban Gardening and (Un)touched Nature

What makes tomatoes divas and what do running shoes have to do with garbage bags. This show was all about Nature, how to leave it as untouched as possible or how to bring it back to the cities.

We are Generation Earth

Young. Active. Empowered.

We are a colorful network of young people that empowers “active citizens” and takes action for the planet, society, and the wellbeing of others, supported by WWF Austria.

We provide a platform for youth and young adults to get active for the environment, to try out new things and to connect with other like-minded people.

What we do?

Action Leader Training

During this “life changing” leadership training, we offer you the chance to get active for our environment. Together, we provide the needed knowledge, skills, connections, and motivation so that you can put your ideas into action.

Action projects

We get active for a fair and sustainable world by organizing events and actions for young people.

International events

Together with international partners, we coordinate exchange projects and events. Our members get the chance to attend youth meetings, conferences and camps abroad.

Find out more about us!

Through my continous committment Generation Earth became a part of my identity. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing the group grow.


Generation Earth became an important part of my life as so many friendships and inspiring experiences are connected to the group.


I want to inspire young people and motivate them to take a step in the direction of sustainability. Generation Earth is a great way to transform my enthusiasm into a colourful network of like-minded from all over the world.


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